Polar Ice Cap Expanding – Gore’s Dire Global Warming Predictions Fail to Materialize


In a development that has drawn shock from global warming cultists and hearty laughs from those who have seen the hoax for what it is, new evidence confirms that the Arctic ice cap has grown at least 43% since 2012. Depending on where you measure the ice, it has grown as much as 63%.

To put this development in context, it’s important to remember the 2007 warnings from Climate Change Poobah Al Gore: “The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff. It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years.” Well, Gore’s seven years have come and gone and we certainly haven’t enacted the insane carbon reduction measures he recommends. Yet his dire predictions have not only failed to come true, but the very opposite has occurred. The ice cap is thriving, providing a living demonstration of the folly of climate prediction science.

As The Daily Mail puts it in their feature, “An area the size of Alaska, America’s biggest state, was open water two years ago, but is again now covered by ice.”

The good news about the ice cap extends beyond the expansion. Experts in climate satellite monitoring insist that recent measurements show a significant recovery of the cap’s thickness as well. This is important because thicker ice will be much more resistant to future melting.

It’s crucial to remember that private citizen Gore was not the only one ringing the alarm bells. Our current Secretary of State, John Kerry, has gone on record several times with the same kinds of predictions. These predictions aren’t just made with the desire to change hearts and minds. They aren’t just part of a crusade to get businesses to voluntarily reduce emissions. If that’s all they were, they could be dismissed with a laugh.

Unfortunately, they continue to be positioned as bedrocks upon which legislation can be created. This legislation has a damning effect on job growth, hurts American business, and costs the taxpayers untold millions. If the threat of global warming was a real one, and if factories and coal miners and electric cars could do anything about it, and if people like Gore were only trying to influence private policy, it would be one thing. But what we have now is a great deal of government overreach, bad policy, and wasted tax money going towards solving a problem that – according to the latest measurements – simply doesn’t exist.

The world is indeed on a extraordinarily slow, extraordinarily minute trend towards warming. Scientists from across several disciplines are in consensus about this. But the dire predictions about changing sea currents, melting Arctic ice, and coastal cities sinking beneath the ocean have about as much to do with science as a modern-day Shark Week documentary. The premise that humans have anything to do with it is still hotly debated in the scientific community, a fact commonly glossed over by the mainstream media.

We’ll see how much coverage the growing Arctic ice gets and how it’s presented. It should be interesting how Gore and the rest of the tree-huggers twist the science, once again, to fit their narrative.

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