Police Reform Will Hurt Minorities


As Baltimore collapses under the weight of a riotous movement driven by the death of Freddie Gray, some of the most poignant images have come out of the very neighborhoods being destroyed. A black mother calmly sweeping the road in front of her house, telling a reporter that she has enough problems with her car without getting a flat tire from all the glass. Neighbors helping to board up businesses that have nothing to do with the grievances at play. Conscientious protestors who mince no words when condemning the actions of the violent.

These images should be remembered, and not just because racists like to use these incidents to justify their own hatred, willfully ignorant of the vast majority of Baltimore blacks who want nothing less than to see this madness stop. They should also be remembered by those who will renew their calls for police and legal reform in the wake of this event.

Since Ferguson, those calls have been persistent. And while there is always room to improve the way we police the country, we must be wary of changes guided by feelings rather than facts. Changes that attempt to lower “minority targeting,” reduce black incarceration rates, or decriminalize certain activities should be regarded with the utmost suspicion.

What these liberals fail to understand is that they are “saving” a very small element of the black community by penalizing the rest. The outsized incarcerated black male population – who do you think their victims were? The police who spend an inordinate amount of time in minority neighborhoods – who do you think they’re protecting? The laws against graffiti, drug dealing, and public drunkenness – whose communities are they aimed at preserving?

The activists and politicians who demand these changes are so intent on seeing these statistics as evidence of racism that they have abandoned those who obey the law. What benefit to the black community is there in wiping our hands of it? Because sometimes it sounds like liberals think that’s the answer. Of course, when tensions reach a fever pitch as they did in Baltimore and Ferguson, these same liberals want to know why police aren’t doing more to stop it. Maybe because when you watch these videos, you can’t help but understand that these are minority neighborhoods and businesses going up in flames. And for a brief moment, you get it.

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