Police Think Unhinged Leftists Will Riot if Trump Fires Mueller

Pittsburgh Police are preparing for the possibility that President Donald Trump may choose to fire special counsel Robert Mueller. Why would they care one way or the other about that eventuality? Because leftist groups have worked their members up into such a frenzy that major metropolitan law enforcement agencies have no choice but to prepare for violent protests and/or riots should the president take action against his persecutors.

According to Pittsburgh’s local CBS station, Victor Joseph, the commander of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, sent out a memo this week warning his detectives to begin “wearing a full uniform and carrying riot gear with them in anticipation of massive protests.”

“There is a belief that President Trump will soon move to fire Special Prosecutor Mueller. This would result in a large protest within 24 hours of the firing,” the memo states. “We have received information of a potential large scale protest in the Central Business District. The protest would be semi-spontaneous and more than likely happen on short notice. Beginning Thursday, all Major Crimes detectives are required to bring a full uniform and any issued protective equipment (riot gear) with them to work until further notice.”

This is actually shocking. Just imagine the headlines if Tea Partiers had planned such massive protests in response to some Obama decision that police departments were forced to prepare for violent riots ahead of the possibility. There would be think pieces in all the major newspapers about how conservative media bore the full responsibility for any property damage and/or injuries that resulted from these riots. There would be calls to have Fox News and Breitbart held financially liable for any destruction. Writers at all the liberal blogs would be telling us that this was some great “whitelash” and the embodiment of white privilege.

We’re not suggesting that the Pittsburgh Police are running around like Chicken Little, either, because we’re sure there WILL be demonstrations of extraordinary destructiveness if Trump fires Mueller. The mainstream media and various Democrat groups have worked young leftists into a frothing stew over this whole thing. They have them believing that Trump is a Russian spy and that the only thing that stands between our country and total chaos is Robert Mueller III. OF COURSE there’s going to be trouble if Trump does this. That’s how confused many young liberals are at this point. They really believe that the end of this asinine witch hunt would signal the fall of the rule of law in America.

Hopefully nothing happens. We can’t even express the hope that a riot might finally break the fever and remind the media of their responsibilities, because they learned absolutely nothing from the violent riots in Ferguson and Baltimore. Nor would they learn anything of value in this case; to them, it would just be another chance to boost ratings and to blame Trump for a rise in violent culture.

They will never take a look in the mirror and realize that THEY – not Donald Trump – are to blame for the stark, dangerous divisions in our country.

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