Pollster: Dems Should Pick THIS Candidate if They Want to Win in 2020

According to frequent Fox News contributor and former Bill Clinton pollster Douglas Schoen, the Democrats have one clear choice if they want to win the White House back from Donald Trump in 2020. Not Joe Biden. Not Kamala Harris. Not Elizabeth Warren. No, Schoen believes that the Democrats’ best chance of victory could come from a women already familiar to the country: Michelle Obama.

Despite having exactly zero experience in politics, leadership, or anything else that would possibly recommend an individual for the presidency, Michelle Obama is right for the job…simply because she will remind voters of Barack.

“Michelle Obama is perceived as a strong, well-qualified leader with immense national popularity,” he wrote last week. “Broadly, the polls show she is respected by the American people and by the near-entirety of the Democratic Party.”

Yeah…those numbers can change a bit when the campaigning begins and her competitors target her with ads that highlight the small but important fact that she doesn’t actually know anything about anything. That she hasn’t actually DONE anything other than fly around the country and show off her arms. We realize that Trump threw open the doors to candidates with no prior government service, but there’s a hell of a big difference between someone who built one of the world’s greatest business empires and someone who put on some nice dresses for the cameras.

Schoen was careful to distance himself from the choice of Michelle Obama, saying while she wasn’t the candidate HE would pick to run, she was the one best suited to pull off the upset of the century.

“Michelle Obama’s favorability rating is significantly greater than President Trump’s,” he wrote. “According to the RealClear Politics Average, Trump’s latest favorability rating lies at 39.7 percent – a whopping 30 points less than Michelle Obama. Just last month, Public Policy Polling found there to be ‘significant yearning for a return to the days of President Obama,’ with 52 percent of voters saying they wish Barack Obama was still president, and only 39 percent preferring President Trump.”

In other words, the country wants Barack back, and Michelle would be the closest thing the Democrats could reasonably offer in his place.

We have a feeling that Schoen is off his rocker on this theory. There’s an enormous difference between one’s favorability rating as a generic “public person” and their popularity as a politician. If you wanted to play that game, the Democrats should be out there trying to recruit Tom Hanks to run for president. These things don’t always translate.

But this does go to show how desperate the Democrats are for their next star candidate and how unlikely they are to find one in time.

Maybe Hillary will get the spotlight bug again while she’s out on her book tour.

We can only hope.

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