DOJ Comes to the Rescue of Minnesota Islamic Cultural Center

President Obama’s lapdog Eric Holder is at it again. Whenever something like this happens, it’s instructive to think back to all the conservatives who were shouted down in 2008. You remember the ones. They were pleading with their fellow Americans to recognize that this young man from Chicago was a secret Muslim, a socialist, and a lawbreaker who would bring thug politics and anti-capitalism to the White House. And they all laughed. No, they did more than laugh; they characterized these dissenters as lunatics and racists who were afraid of losing their precious white hegemony. You’d sooner pluck a porcupine bald than get a liberal to admit that he was wrong, but it’s enough to see it for yourself.

The DOJ’s latest affront to America is happening in the small town of St. Anthony, Minnesota, where Holder’s investigators have been diligently questioning city officials about a rejected Islamic cultural center in 2012. Whatever they’ve turned up, it seems it’s enough to justify a lawsuit. The Department of Justice is suing the town, claiming that the permit rejection violated federal civil rights laws.

Of course, it’s easy to predict that the federal government is going to win this one. How can a small town match the endless resources of the Department of Justice? Even if what they say is true – that they rejected the permit because of zoning laws and not out of discrimination – they may not have the funds to engage a protracted legal battle. This one’s over before it’s even begun.

Not to draw inferences where there are none, but isn’t it interesting that this is happening in Minnesota of all places? Why, it’s just a stone’s throw down the highway from Minneapolis, where a thriving Somali community has sent at least 15 people to fight alongside ISIS in Syria. Just this week, a second American defector was killed, and it turned out that the man – Abdiraaman Muhumed – was a father of 9 from the Minneapolis community. Is it reasonable to suggest that St. Anthony voters maybe, possibly, forgivably don’t want to set up a similar community in their backyard?

It’s more than a suggestion, actually; it’s the truth of the matter. U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger is on record saying that he would be happy to withdraw the lawsuit if the voters of St. Anthony demanded that city officials allow the Islamic center to be created. That’s unlikely to happen, though, since vocal citizens were steadfastly against the center when the issue came up for debate in 2012. So, it’s another example of the Obama administration fighting the will of the people. What a shock.

Over the last six years, Obama’s DOJ has failed to act in the face of white voter intimidation, the illegal firing of AmeriCorps’ Gerald Walpin, and the numerous violations of bankruptcy law that occurred as part of the GM bailout. Yet they have plenty of time to devote to the whims of small-town Muslims. You could blame it on incompetency if it wasn’t so blatantly systematic.

But we’re the lunatics, remember. We’re the conspiracy theorists. We’re the racists.


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