Prayer Boxes in School? ACLU to the Rescue!

You could hide a Bible in a plastic carton, shove it into a public school basement, cover it with a black tarp, and shovel a mountain of dirt on top of it, and the anti-Christian detectives at the ACLU would still manage to find it. On a crusade to make sure no mention of Christianity can be found on any government property in the country, these sanctimonious lawyers never miss a trick.

So it’s no surprise to see that the Louisiana chapter of the ACLU is up in arms about Airline High School in Bossier Parish. Executive Director Marjorie Esman wrote an open letter Friday to the Shreveport Times, accusing the school and its principal of promoting Christianity to the students. According to Esman, a student group called the Fellowship of Christian Athletes put prayer boxes up that featured “Christian symbols.” Yes, hold your gasps.

Esman also said that Airline Principal Jason Rowland had the audacity to conclude a September posting on the school’s website with the offensive phrase, “May God bless you all.”

Someone get my fainting chair.

“The United States Constitution requires public schools to ensure that state-supported activity is not used for religious indoctrination,” Esman wrote.

It remains to be seen what action, if any, the Bossier Parish will take. There is a meeting scheduled for Oct 1 in which the issue will be discussed.

If history is any indication, this is not a fight Airline High School can win. The ACLU has years of experience challenging even the most innocent forms of Christian expression in schools, and the courts seem fully willing to indulge their hysteria. We’ve expanded the notion of state-sponsored religion to such an extreme that common sense has been left in the dust. Someone might want to point out to Esman that the Constitution also calls for freedom of speech.

Even so, the fight is ever worth it, even in the face of insurmountable odds. Dark will be the day when Christians simply give up and lie down for the liberal steamroller. This country was not founded to be an atheist paradise, no matter how many courts take a stand against “God bless you.” And it is up to those Americans who know the history of the United States to stand up to liberal bullies who want to rewrite it.

The next decade is going to be a trying one for American Christians. Faith will be tested. Words will be redefined. There is, frankly, no doomsday scenario too ridiculous to consider. We’re already living in a country where a woman has been jailed for her refusal to get with the LGBT program. We accept asinine interpretations of the Constitution from a group of judges who don’t get out of bed in the morning unless it serves a political agenda. We watch, one by one, as liberals knock down Christian beliefs as ugly and bigoted.

Still, Christianity has been tested before. There isn’t a liberal movement in the world that can kill it. Dark times may be ahead, but we have a light that can never be extinguished.

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