Pro-Gun Activists Embarrass the Fake News Media With Peaceful Protest

One year after the mainstream media put the nation into a moral panic over a 16-year-old kid smiling at Ye Olde Instigating Indian on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, they were back to their old tricks again in Richmond, Virginia. This time, instead of actually waiting for violent outbursts of ugly white supremacist chaos at the state capitol, the media simply used the weeklong run-up to the big Virginia Citizen’s Defense League protest to assure everyone that armed vigilantes were getting ready to turn Richmond into a lake of Democrat blood.

But despite Gov. Ralph Northam’s much-ballyhooed state of emergency and his warnings that freedom was under siege…nothing happened. Nothing at all. Passionate, peaceful, gun-rights patriots showed up, waved their signs around, let the Democrats and the world know how they felt about their constitutional rights being infringed, and then that was that.

Unlike Ferguson, there were no fires. Unlike Baltimore, there were no riots. Unlike every scenario in which Antifa chooses to organize, there were no bottles thrown at police. No, thousands of people showed up – not all white by any stretch of the imagination, by the way – and legally and peacefully exercised their rights under the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution. And once again, the fake news media was left with egg on their collective faces.

“The police very clear in saying they have not had a single arrest during this rally and we have been standing here all morning.” – This was the grim truth that CNN was forced to admit on their airwaves.

Other news organizations, facing the stark reality that they had once more been caught lying to their audiences about the threat America faces from “white supremacists” and “gun fanatics,” took to the air with twisted stories about what was really going on. With countless allusions to the Charlottesville debacle of 2017, they used every tool in the book to paint these Second Amendment activists as the close cousins of the neo-nazis and Klan members who showed up on that occasion.

CBS went so far as to say that there had been “more than a week of violence” leading up to the rally. They failed to specifically mention even a single instance of this supposed violence, of course, since it was entirely fictional. Meanwhile, over at MSNBC, Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP said that the protesters in Richmond were “at odds with the very essence of who Martin Luther King was,” seeing as how their demonstration was in favor of “violence.”

They really don’t get it at all.

If there was any upside to all of these disgusting smears, it is that they brought even more attention to the rabidly un-American gun grab being planned by Virginia Democrats. And, hopefully, it also alerted liberal America to the fact that there is a world of difference between law-abiding, patriotic gun owners and the psychos who commit mass shootings. We don’t hold out much hope for the media changing its tune anytime soon, but the further their values travel from the bedrock of truth, the more irrelevant they become.

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