Professor: Anyone Still Voting Republican is “Xenophobic and Racist”

In a Facebook commentary last month, Clemson University computing professor Bart Knijnenburg let it be known that, in his opinion, anyone who supports President Donald Trump or considers themselves a Republican ought to be thrown in Hillary Clinton’s famed basket of deplorables. The professor said in July that the president is a bigot…and anyone who supports the Republican Party matches that description as well.

“Trump is xenophobic and racist,” he wrote. “Trump’s administration is xenophobic and racist. The Republican Party is xenophobic and racist. Anyone who voted Republican in 2016 is xenophobic and racist, and anyone who still calls themselves a Republican despite all this is xenophobic and racist.”

As Campus Reform revealed, the professor is known for making outlandish remarks:

This is not the first time Knijnenburg has been caught calling Republicans racist.

In 2017, Campus Reform covered a story about the same professor when he posted on Facebook that, “all Trump supporters, nay, all Republicans, are racist scum.”

In May, Knijnenburg  posted on Facebook about a man who wrote an open letter to the president of the Clemson University Board of Trustees, asking the university to “keep Chinese nationalists out of Clemson.” The open letter was published by the Greenwood Index-Journal.

“What the actual f**k?” Knijnenburg commented.


In the comment section of his Facebook post referencing the open letter to Clemson, one person asked, “He’s basically from my hometown. Shit just got personal. Do we know where he lives now?” referring to the writer of the open letter.

Knijnenburg responded with “Greenwood. His name is Paul Gilbert and he was an assistant town administrator in Calhoun Falls. And then a zoning administrator in Greenwood. Now retired, I guess.” Knijnenburg later followed up with “lemme know if you find out his address.”

So yeah, this is a dude so bought in on his leftist ideology that he’s ready to doxx and hurt a local man for having the temerity to worry about Clemson being infiltrated with CCP spies. Which, by the way, is a real thing happening at universities across the nation – not just Clemson.

Knijnenburg also makes his alliances plain in his Twitter profile, which is headlined with the acronym “ACAB,” meaning: All Cops Are Bastards.

Just the sort of quality educator we want our kids learning from.

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