Professor: “Repeal the Stupid Second Amendment”


Writing in the Wisconsin Gazette, Professor Tom Hastings of Portland State University makes an earnest appeal against the Second Amendment. Conceding that the Supreme Court ruled that the right to bear arms applies to each and every American citizen (though he disagrees with that interpretation), Hastings insists that the only answer now is to repeal the amendment altogether.

Hastings, who has built his career on the study of nonviolence, claims that since he and many other Americans are sick of the many shootings that plague the nation annually, it’s time to do away with gun rights. “Surround it, grab it, bring it in the back room, pull down the shades, and end it,” he says. “Repeal the Stupid Second Amendment.”

Hastings is hardly the first liberal to advocate such a measure, though his phrasing is among the most amusing. But even allowing for the fact that a peacenik like Hastings is almost certainly going to oppose the Second Amendment, he is as wrong as every other liberal when it comes to cutting down on American violence.

A Dangerous Road

There is something uniquely unnerving about the growing swell of support on the left for such a drastic measure. In the more than 200 years since the Constitution was ratified, there have only been 27 amendments. Only one has been repealed, and it was the 18th. The one where America tried to ban the sale of alcohol. Is it merely a coincidence that the only amendment successfully repealed was the one stealing rights away from American citizens?

The Constitution and, by extension, the Bill of Rights is widely misunderstood by liberals who want to dismantle America’s freedom piece by piece. They see it as a document outlining the borders of human rights rather than a document outlining the borders of government power. But it is the latter, as anyone with a 4th grade education can tell you (although that may not be the case any longer, considering the liberal indoctrination of today’s public schools.) The rights established in the first ten amendments are not bestowed upon us by the federal government; they were there already. Putting them down on parchment simply ensured that the government wouldn’t try to take them away.

Oh, but try they will. And if this outpouring of disgust with the Second Amendment reaches a fever pitch, liberals may actually try to secure the two-thirds of Congress and three-quarters of the states they need to send it packing. While I would be stunned if they were successful, even attempting such a thing would throw the entire Constitution into jeopardy. Suddenly it would become politically feasible to start examining other rights secured by our founding document. Maybe we need to curtail freedom of speech next. Maybe it’s not trendy to demand a warrant anymore from police.

This is a dangerous road the anti-gunners want to travel. I’m not sure they would like where it ends.

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