Professor To Harvard Students: We Need to Abolish the Police

A Brooklyn College professor darkened the halls of Harvard Law School on Thursday, lecturing students on the “potential benefits” of getting rid of all U.S. police forces. Spreading the seeds of radical anarchy, Professor Alex Vitale promoted his book, “The End of Policing” while teaching students why America would be more racially just if we abolished law enforcement altogether.

“He began the talk by recounting the story of Deborah Danner, a mentally ill woman who was fatally shot by a New York City police sergeant in 2016. According to Vitale, Danner’s case calls into question the effectiveness of police training on mental health,” reports The Harvard Crimson.

“The reality is that between a quarter and a half of all people killed by police in the United States are having a mental health crisis,” Vitale said. “It’s the number one indicator of likelihood of ending up being killed by police.”

Okay? We don’t doubt that you can cherry-pick stats and come up with a million-and-one anecdotes that make the police sound like the worst thing this side of the Nazis; how does any of this make an actual argument for getting rid of police departments entirely? Indeed, this sounds a lot like the kind of thing racists do to make their arguments for a racially pure society. We’re not saying that race and police work are exactly comparable – we’re just saying that a phony argument is phony no matter what you happen to be talking about.

Professor Vitale went on to say that police departments have done little to curb drug addiction rates in the United States. And he said that police reform measures have been more focused on theater than results.

Well, that’s Democrats for you, Professor.

Before the night was over, however, Vitale all but admitted that his marketing gimmick is just that. Asked by a student if abolishing police really meant abolishing the police, Vitale backed away from his own high concept revolution.

“No one is talking about, ‘tomorrow we flip the switch and there are no police,’” he said. “The reality is we have a massive infrastructure of policing and criminalization, and we need strategies to get out of this mess, and those strategies do not include implicit bias training, community policing, body cameras, et cetera.”

Right. So…uh…okay. In other words, your idea is to go around the country and write books and give lectures telling impressionable young people that “all cops are bad” and that we need to get rid of them, and in the meantime, you admit that no one is actually going to do that? So this is just a racket to make money and profit from racial grievance?


There oughta be a law…

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