Professor: Trump “More Than Ready” to See Americans Kill on His Behalf

Georgia Southern University Professor Jared Yates Sexton has been indulging his leftist-apocalypse fantasies on Twitter lately, warning the mainstream media that if they don’t do more to pressure President Donald Trump to resign, people will be killed by the murderers who (apparently?) make up the president’s base. In a bizarre series of remarks on social media, Sexton managed to both invent Trump-deranged crazies ready to “kill” at the president’s say-so and ignore the reality that the media has been pushing for Trump’s resignation since before he ever took office.

“Consciously or unconsciously, the lack of media voices calling on Trump to resign as overwhelming evidence of corruption and treason accumulates is because this saga makes for captivating entertainment, massive ratings, and collective profit,” Sexton theorized.

“But they need to push against that impulse to juice impeachment for profit because Trump is going to try everything, Fox is going to try everything, and they’re going to both further the injuring of societal reality and inspire dangerous individuals to kill and maim,” he continued.

Okay, pause the tape. First of all, who does Sexton think should be making these calls, exactly? Rachel Maddow? That would just be preaching to the choir. The New York Times Editorial Board? What possible credibility do they have left? Lester Holt? That would be a little jarring, wouldn’t it? The lead anchor of NBC News issuing a direct call for the President of the United States to resign? We’d imagine that it’s more a (fig leaf) of objectivity and neutrality keeping these people from making overt calls for Trump to resign…not some conspiratorial hunt for profit.

But far be it from us to get in the way of your grand ideas about societal collapse, Jared.

“There’s a vast number of people in this, people who have been taught their whole lives that they might need to kill in case of a coup or corrupt takeover,” Sexton wrote. “Trump and Republicans signal to them constantly. They’re more than ready to see this as the occasion.”

Sexton did not offer up any proof of this “vast number of people” who are ready and waiting to kill and maim on the president’s go-ahead. We assume they mostly live in the dark recesses of his imagination. We’re sure his students at GSU are more than familiar with his violent visions of the Great MAGA Terrorist Attack of 2019.

In an interview with Campus Reform, Sexton said, “I’m concerned that media has a tendency to use political theater and tension as a means of boosting ratings and that this situation could be easily avoided if Trump were to resign, hand the presidency to Pence, and spare America the grueling battle.”

Putting his visions of violence aside, though, he still never mentions WHAT media is supposed to be so effective in getting Trump to resign. But we guess that’s the kind of explanation you never have to come up with when the scenarios are all in your head.

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