Professor: We Have to Give Up Private Homeownership to Save the Planet

In a missive for The Nation magazine, UCLA Professor Kian Goh makes a number of unfounded, illogical claims, including a very common one that blames climate change for the spate of wildfires in California. But worse than that leap of unproven science, Goh prescribes a remedy for climate change that includes doing away with the concept of private ownership. Yes, the only way we can save the planet is if we sacrifice the individual comfort and freedom of owning our own homes. If these leftists have their way, we’ll all be back to living in teepees and wrangling bison on the open plains.

“Yes, climate change intensifies the fires—but the ways in which we plan and develop our cities makes them even more destructive,” wrote Goh.

He went on to say that unfortunate American values such as the “aspirations of home ownership” and a “belief in the importance of private property” were only conspiring to make the wildfire situation in California that much worse.

“Our ideas about what success, comfort, home, and family should look like are so ingrained, it’s hard for us to see how they could be reinforcing the very conditions that put us at such grave risk,” he wrote.

Yes, see, all of this effort you’re expending to provide a safe, comfortable home for your family could be better used elsewhere while enjoying your stay in government-funded apartment buildings.

Now, if you’re reading Goh’s words and thinking, Well, maybe he has a point about the way California housing is laid out. Maybe that does conspire to make these wildfires worse. Okay, perhaps he does. But let’s be clear, Goh is not talking about hiring smarter city planners. He’s talking about a revolution.

“We need to rethink the ideologies that govern how we plan and build our homes,” he wrote.

Here’s Goh’s ideal future: “There are other options, in theory: Rental housing serves many cities around the world well, although we should be wary about perpetuating the power of landlords in this country without delinking ownership from wealth creation. There has been resurgent interest in government-planned and -built public housing, including recent legislation proposed by Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Bernie Sanders that would shore up and invigorate the federal system. The Green New Deal invokes prior eras of government intervention, lending itself to revitalized thinking about the social value of public goods. There is also the potential for new or reconstituted forms of cooperative housing. In New York City, cooperative apartment buildings have long been a norm.”


The most ironic thing about these socialists and their desire to save the planet is that by the time they got finished reworking America into their dystopian image, no one left alive would give a damn about saving the planet. Indeed, we’d all be praying for a sweet, merciful end to it all.

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