Progressive Praises “Peaceful” Protesters (And Then Her Office Gets Wrecked)

Ah, you know those moments when something happens and you know that you shouldn’t feel good about it? You know that you should only have empathy and compassion for the victim, and you try your best to deny those latent, dark feelings of…um, schadenfreude is a pretty good word for it. You tell yourself that a good person wouldn’t feel that way. But let’s face it, you still had the thoughts. You still enjoyed it just a little, tiny bit, even if you wish you hadn’t. It’s just human nature.


On Saturday night, Leigh Tauss, the editor of the progressive newspaper Indy Week in Raleigh, North Carolina, took to her Twitter account to praise the socially woke protesters gearing up for another night of chanting for justice outside her offices.

“The crowd is extremely peaceful and groups and many are wearing masks and trying to keep distance,” wrote the proud Tauss, who was no doubt pleased as punch to watch as left-wing radicals gathered to express hatred for the police, the system, and The Man. History in the making, what a time to be alive.

But you know, it isn’t always sunshine and roses when you’re smack dab in the middle of history – a fact Tauss discovered for herself a few hours later.

“I went into the hallway. I heard someone l enter the office and what sounded like smashing inside. We are a small newspaper with a handful of desktops. I’m now hiding in the basement,” she tweeted frantically as “extremely peaceful” protesters found their way into her liberal safe space.

“I’m devastated. We are a progressive newspaper. Last night I was inside when the first brick was thrown,” she lamented the next morning.

Wow. “We are a progressive newspaper.” She really…she really thought…

We can’t. We just can’t.

“Several business with windows smashed in Wilmington street. All the wreckage from last night was cleaned up this morning,” she wrote later.

She also shared this exchange she’d overheard: “’Who the fuck is next?’ A protester shouts. ‘Your daughter? Your grandma? That’s why we out here.’”

Like we said, we really shouldn’t feel any sense of joy from what happened. And, in a sense, we don’t. It’s horrible what’s happening in Raleigh, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Boston, and dozens of other cities. It’s unacceptable.

But in another sense, when an overconfident snake charmer gets bitten…how bad can you really bring yourself to feel?   

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