Prominent Leftist: It’s Time for Democrats to Tone Down Racial Politics

While some hardheaded liberals are using this razor-thin election to proclaim that America is just as (if not more) racist as it has ever been, at least a few see a different problem brewing. President Trump, after all, gained in almost all demographic categories…except white men. If Biden ultimately winds up winning this thing, it will be because he peeled off old, white, college-educated men from the Republican base. It won’t be because he overperformed with blacks, Hispanics, gays, or any other minority that the Democrats consider their “owned” votes.

At Vox – one of the internet’s prime places for intersectionality politics – Matt Yglesias seems to have seen the writing on the wall. In an unusually thoughtful piece this week, he suggested that it might be time for the Democratic Party to tone down the racial politics – a version of politics that seems to appeal mostly to young, white progressive women, professors in the halls of academia, TV news pundits…and pretty much no one else.

“While Cuba-specific issues are tactically central to electoral battles in Florida, the fact is that even before all the results are in, it’s clear Biden’s weakness with Latino voters was broader than that,” noted Yglesias. “In South Florida, Biden lost ground with a diverse Hispanic population that includes many families from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, or Colombia, as well as Cuba broadly.”

According to people like Nikole Hannah-Jones of The New York Times, the problem in South Florida is that we need to stop classifying “white Cubans” as Latinos. She seems to believe that election problems can be solved just by shifting a few demographic categories around until everything looks just so. Of course, she also thinks that she can shift America’s founding to 1619 just by saying so. If you find yourself agreeing with Hannah-Jones, you should probably consider medication.

Yglesias comes to a different conclusion. He believes that the problem is that the Democratic Party is catering to woke white progressives and losing the very minorities they claim to be supporting.

“For the past several years, the term ‘Latinx’ has been gaining momentum in progressive circles, even though only 3 percent of US Hispanics actually use it themselves,” he wrote as an example of the disconnect. “There’s a tendency to privilege academic concepts and linguistic innovations in addressing social justice concerns.”

Yglesias noted that you could look at the Defund the Police movement as another prime example.

“Among self-identified Democrats, for example, a Pew survey this summer showed that African Americans were slightly less likely than whites to favor cutting police spending, while Hispanics were much less likely,” he wrote.

In a nutshell, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party has been so busy trying to prove its wokeness that it has left behind working-class minorities, many of whom have no time for this nonsense. They want results. They want policies. They want economic opportunities. If Democrats persist on this “America is racist/sexist/transphobic/etc.” path, they are going to end up (ironically) as the party of young, white, college-educated single women. And that’s all they’re going to have left.

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