Psaki Silenced Questions Related To Hunter Biden’s Dealing With China!


Joe Biden’s Press Secretary is doing a very good job at avoiding questions about the President’s son Hunter Biden.

During her most recent press briefing, Psaki attempted to dismiss a reporter’s question when he asked about the “conflicts of interest” the Biden administration faces “when it comes to sanctioning people (from Russia and China) who have done business with” the Biden family.

Steven Nelson, a reporter for the New York Post, highlighted a 2020 report from the Senate Homeland Security and Finance committees that alleged an investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden — Rosemont Seneca Thornton — “received $3.5 million in a wire transfer” from Russian billionaire Elena Baturina. He also noted a report that claimed then-Vice President Biden had dinner with the same woman in Georgetown.

“This Elena Baturina, she has not been sanctioned yet by the US government. How is President Biden navigating conflicts of interest when it comes to sanctioning people who have done business with this family, and can you explain to us what this $3.5 million was for,” Nelson pushed.

“I don’t have any confirmation of the accuracy of that report, so I have no more further details,” Psaki responded, moving to call on other reporters in the room.

Pressed once more about the conflicts of interest in sanctioning those in Russia who reportedly have had business dealings with the Biden family, Psaki said, “What would be his conflicts of interest?”

“His son’s company allegedly got $3.5 million from …,” Nelson said before Psaki interrupted. 

“Which I have no confirmation of, and he’s continued to sanction oligarchs more than we’ve sanctioned in the past, so I’m not sure that’s a conflict of interest,” Psaki responded.

Late last year, Hunter Biden, according to his attorney, divested from his assets with Chinese private equity firm Bohai Harvest RST Equity Investment Fund Management Co. through Skaneateles LLC.

While she attempted to call on other reporters, Psaki was pressed again by Nelson about that divestment and potential conflicts of interest surrounding President Biden’s decision-making in regard to China.

“We have received not even basic transparency about who bought out his stake, when this happened and how much money changed hands,” Nelson said. “Did he actually divest, and if so, can you agree to basic transparency?”

A seemingly perturbed Psaki then responded, “He’s a private citizen, he doesn’t work for the government. I’d point you to his representatives.”

In more damning news for the President’s son, on Wed. Mar. 16, The New York Times confirmed the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, which was left in a Delaware repair shop in 2019 by the first son before being turned over to the FBI by the repair shop owner.

The shocking Times report, which focused on the investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes and his international business dealings, noted prosecutors had examined emails between Biden and some business associates that “appear to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop” and “were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.”

Psaki previously said reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 was part of a “Russian disinformation” campaign.

  1. Herb says

    This Country was founded on a system of checks and balances within the government. What Happened to those protections????? We are continually lied to. We obviously see the decline of America all around us. Apparently, all we are good for is paying taxes and being abused by those we may have elected. A drastic change is needed !

  2. Sam says

    Both Biden’s should be held accountable for their actions here! If these allegations prove to be true then they need to be tried for treason!

  3. pat anzalone says

    they have the laptop all the country saw it. biden had meetings with russians after that. we know kerry and his son were in it. hillary set the reset button, and obama told russia he would have flexibility.

  4. Maria says

    How can this administration get away with not answering pertinent information by either “laughing,” “refusing to answer,” or “walking away without answering;” and why do WE THE PEOPLE allow this to happen?

  5. PurePurple says

    Psaki is running out of lies to cover Biden’s and his son’s behind. Nearly everyone knows the truth and if other people still want to believe the Biden’s are the best then it’s their prerogative. One day they will wake up and figure it out, just hope for their sake it’s not to late. Biden is programmed to destroy every human being and take everything we have so we are depended on the government. Only brainless people have this loyalty to the Democratic Party. It’s all lies they are selling you. Wake up before it’s to late.

  6. Patti says

    When psaki has the press with her she talks her sh*t and they follow, when she doesn’t have the press with her she gets snippy with her answers and deflects. Joe Biden is one of if the the most compromised President this country has ever had.

  7. jay hammer says

    maybe silence out of psaki is much better than the string of pure lies she spews about everything. It never takes more than 10 seconds from the time she starts speaking until you are fed up. there should be recourse against any administration that lies or misrepresents everything or refuses to answer any valid question from this very lame complacent media.

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