Public Has Had Enough of Biden Excuses


President Biden is beset with a wide range of critical issues – inflation, supply-chain, crime, migrant border surge, gas prices, Ukraine War, China and even his son and brother.  To all of these, he has a standard response.  It is not a crisis.  It is not his fault.  He feels our pain.  He is working on solutions.  Even what Biden calls a “plan” is just another form of “I am working on solutions.”

Apparently, the American people have a different view of Biden and his administration.  It IS a crisis.  He bears much of the blame.  He is not empathetic to the people.  And he is not offering real solutions.  His so-called plans suck.  

Even worse, a growing number of Americans are wondering if Biden is really in charge at the White House.  It would be difficult to find a President who has had more public statements walked back or corrected by a shadowy bureaucracy that issues statements in the institutional name of “the White House.”

It has gotten so bad that it was recently reported that Biden, himself, is peeved by how many times his public statements are corrected by “the White House.”  He is supposed to have complained that it makes it look like he is not the person in charge.  Well, duh!  But is that a perception or a reality? 

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Beyond the public rejection of Biden’s whiney excuses, there is a growing perception that he is basically incompetent.  He may be an example of the “Peter Principle” – which suggests a person rises to the level of their own incompetence.

Certainly, the vast majority of Americans have no confidence in Biden’s ability to manage the affairs of the state. There are two polling numbers that give evidence of that opinion.  Between 75 and 80 percent of the people believe that America is going in the wrong direction.  That is a record high negative rating for a President.

If you couple that with Biden’s personal favorability rating — an abysmal 35 percent — you see what people think of Biden – at least most folks.

Biden’s numbers started going south when he surrendered in Afghanistan.  Half the nation believed that it was a bad decision.  And those who approved of the decision thought his handling was tragically inept.   Essentially, Biden made a wrong decision at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.

Biden was also very wrong about inflation.  He assured the American people that inflation would be mild and transitory.  He predicted that it would be essentially over long before the 2022 midterm election.  Instead, it is raging at levels not seen since the end of the Carter administration – and is predicted to reach astronomical heights by November’s election.

Biden made his claims about inflation despite the fact that a number of top Democrat economists warned him of the looming inflation – guys like Larry Sommers and Steve Rattner.  The folks back home do not appreciate a President being wrong in such matters – especially when his policies ignited the inflation in the first place.   As Rattner said during a recent appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” we are now “paying the price” (literally) for overheating the economy with all that stimulus money.

As a result of his bad policies across the board, Biden is on track to be the worst American President since …. since … ????

So, there ‘tis.

  1. Lydia says

    I’d say he’s quite literally the worse pedodent since… THE HISTORY OF PRESIDENTS!?!
    So, there ’tis

  2. Tellingit says

    Beijing Joe smacked up against the “Peter Principle” about a decade ago.

  3. jerry1944 says

    I can not believe the dem sheep finally can think They just want see the truth right in front of there face . I am sure there leader will find a way to make them think Pres Trump made it happen Bitme and his handler seem to be doing every thing they can to bring the Country down yet the sheep cant see it

  4. Chuckie says

    The American people and the Public have had enough of the Republicans undermining our democracy and our one and only legitimate president, President Biden. History will show who has been the worst president and it will not be President Joe Biden.
    Thank goodness Joe Biden did win the 2020 presidential election because he with his past experience as Vice President and Senate Majority Leader was in a position to handle what he inherited from Trump a broken economy with the daily death toll from the global pandemic at an all-time high. While in office Trump ignored his own picked doctors and scientist and suggested we be inject bleach in our bodies to keep from getting or to cure COVID. Biden more sensibly took action immediately to combat COVID. He worked with Scientist, CDC, Disease Control and those with experiences in pandemic outbreaks to combat COVID and within weeks brought down the death toll in our country. A job well done President Biden! Thank You!
    • Biden signed a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package where Trump talked about, but did nothing.
    • Biden signed a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package in March 2021 that included up to
    $1,400 per person to financially struggling Americans, extended unemployment support
    and provided billions of dollars to help schools, colleges and universities reopen.
    • Biden put in place a $20 billion vaccination program to fight COVID. While 1% of the U.S.
    population was vaccinated when Biden came into office, 74% of Americans – 249 million
    Americans – have received at least one vaccine dose.
    • Biden expanded access to affordable health care for five million Americans. Trump tried to defund and kill the affordable health care act.
    • Under Joe Biden, unemployment dropped to 3.9%; under Donald Trump, unemployment was 6.3%.
    • 6,000,000 jobs have been created already.
    • Jobless claims are the lowest since 1969.
    • The United States under Joe Biden is no longer denying science, but is once again a respected global leader in world affairs. We are doing our part to champion the health of our planet.
    Biden has earned the respect of our European allies and he is coordinating a measured response to Vladimir Putin’s aggressive war on Ukraine while avoiding World War III. Best to you, Joe Biden! Thank you for your service.

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