Putin Gets Away With Killing American Journalists


There was a time that the fate of Americans overseas was of great concern to the folks in Washington.  Taking Americans hostage or killing them would result in more than diplomatic complaints – or even worse, quiet acquiescence.  But that appears to be the case these days.

American video-journalist, Brent Renaud, was shot and killed by Russian soldiers.  Later FOX news journalist Pierre Zakrzewski, and freelance journalist Oleksandra Kuvshynova were killed when their vehicle was hit by a Russian rocket.  And what was the official White House response?  Crickets. 

President Biden consistently expresses his concern that provoking Vladimir Putin will automatically lead to a third world war.  Yes, Biden has placed sanctions on Putin – sanctions that have not deterred the Madman of Moscow in the least.

Putin provokes, threatens, and then laughs as Biden cowers in fear of pissing Putin off.  The Russian despot anticipated that Biden would be weak – and he was right.  

Many – this writer included – predicted that America’s lack of effective pushback (weakness) against Putin (and others) – with the capstone being the surrender in Afghanistan – would only encourage aggressive activities by America’s adversaries.  Now we see that reaction on steroids – and again we are demonstrating a vulnerability to threats and intimidation.

The killing of journalists should have evoked not only the strongest diplomatic condemnation (talk, talk, talk) but a ramped-up response – more sanctions and more support for Ukraine.  Minimally, Biden should have released those fighter jets to Ukraine.  More weapons and defense systems.  We should provide Odessa with the weapon systems that can take out ships since Putin is setting up a sea invasion of that critical port city.

We should have responded to the murder of our journalists as a red line that would reopen the possibility of military intervention – and that all-important no-fly zone.

Putin invades a sovereign democracy … targets civilians … commits war crimes … disrupts the world economy … and what is Biden’s major response?  He claims Putin is causing inflation in an attempt to excuse his own culpability in rising prices.  Maybe if it was Hunter who got shot, Biden might have seen things differently.  The man is a disgrace.

So, there ‘tis.

  1. George says

    Documented…Ukraine listed as one of the most corrupt Nations in the World. Number 1. We shouldn’t be there. One Tyrant taking out another BFD. Many journalists are killed due to military actions. Number 2. Did anyone witness the killing? I thought so…. Media today consists of nothing more than propaganda & Bull Sheet.

    1. I despise neo-cons says

      I agree! The author is just another fake conservative like the corrupt Bush family.

    2. Robert Messmer says

      Ukraine is a corrupt nation but so is Russia, in fact you probably couldn’t find more than a handful of nations in the world that are not corrupt including the US. However that doesn’t change the fact that Russia invaded Ukraine. Which considering that in 1994 Great Briton, the United State and RUSSIA guaranteed Ukraine’s borders when they forced Ukraine to turn over their nukes to Russia should not have been allowed.

  2. Bill Meeker says

    The government of Ukraine may be one of many, very corrupt governments but the good people of Ukraine don’t deserve to be killed because of it. By the end of Obama’s first term to present, one could argue the US as having a very corrupt government, but our media folks are more experienced and better at keeping it a secret. Either way, the people of Ukraine deserve to be free and work out their problems without being bombed and shot and the West should do what we can to ensure that opportunity.

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