Race-Baiters Find Innocent Clothing Ad Despicable

If you’ve been paying attention long enough, you’ve probably grown numb to the outrageousness of the left, especially as it pertains to racism. On this particular issue, the extreme has gone mainstream. There is no “too far to the left” when it comes to solving America’s racism. If a single blogger can find a cause to get behind, it’s the responsibility of every other liberal to get on board.

The latest controversy? A Gap advertisement that shows four Le Petit Cirque performers – girls between 5 and 14 years old – posing for the camera. The problem? One of the (white) girls is resting her elbow on top of a (black) girl’s head.

According to Kristen West Savali of The Root, the ad “is what happens when black faces appear, but no black voices are at the table.” She went on to contend that the advertisement reinforced “the feeling that our black bodies are undervalued and positioned to serve as props upon which white bodies can be better appreciated and admired.”

You literally can’t make this stuff up. If you read this story in a novel ten years ago, you would toss it aside in disgust. Even in the wildest science-fiction adventures, there has to be some level of realism. No one could possibly think like this person.

But this ain’t fantasy, this is the United States of 2016, where all bets are off.

Caught at the intersection of ideology and common sense, lefty bloggers have struggled to join the cause. At the Huffington Post, writer Zeba Blay twisted herself into a pretzel trying to make sense of the nonsensical. “It’s not the pose itself that is the problem,” she wrote, “but the context in which it is delivered.” In other words, because there are so few blacks in the media, it’s okay to call things racist even when they obviously aren’t.

As though any other outcome was possible, Gap quickly apologized for the ad and replaced it with a different picture.

In case you’re laboring under false hope, rest assured: This is going to keep happening until we have smart, capable spokespeople willing to push back. As long as we keep giving liberals total moral authority over the subject of race, they will use it to destroy Western civilization as we know it. A democracy where certain things “cannot be said” is no democracy at all.


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