Rep. John Ratcliffe: “There Were Crimes Committed” Under Obama


In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) showed why he’s the right man to take over for Dan Coats as the next Director of National Intelligence. Namely, he has closely observed the reprehensible witch hunt that nearly crippled an American presidency, and he is not shy about saying that those responsible should be held to accountability.

Even better, Ratcliffe told Sunday Morning Futures anchor Maria Bartiromo that investigators would wait until all the evidence was uncovered before throwing around reckless accusations.

“I think the first thing we need to do is make sure we don’t do what the Democrats have done,” Ratcliffe said. “They accused Donald Trump of a crime and then they try and reverse engineer a process to justify that accusation. So I’m not going to accuse any specific person of any specific crime, I just want there to be a fair process to get there. What I do know as a former federal prosecutor is that it does appear that there were crimes committed during the Obama administration.”

That is a huge statement coming from any elected official, but it’s even more significant when you consider Ratcliffe’s next likely appointment. As the Director of National Intelligence, Ratcliffe will be able to correct the errors in judgement made by the current guy. Instead of holding Attorney General William Barr at arms’ length and thwarting his efforts to investigate the investigators, Ratcliffe will have the authority to make sure that Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham have access to the material they need to find out just what the hell Obama was doing in the runup to the 2016 election.

“We know that things happened in the Obama administration that haven’t been answered. There’s been no accountability for that yet,” Ratcliffe said. “The special counsel told us that they didn’t do it. And if they didn’t do it, the only place we can get the answers is from the Justice Department right now.

“The American people want that,” he continued. “Their faith and trust, Maria, has been shaken in our Justice Department, and the only way to get that back is for there to be real accountability with a very fair process. Again, I have supreme confidence in Bill Barr’s ability to deliver that. And at the end of the day, wherever the outcome may be, as long as we know that the process was fair, the evaluation was fair, justice will be done. Look, the truth always defends itself.”

Expect the Democrats to push back hard on this nomination.

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