Rep Tenney: Attacks Come After NYC Police Undermined

Rep. Claudia Tenney, speaking out on Newsmax Tuesday after a gas-mask-wearing gunman opened fire on a Brooklyn subway, said New York City policemen have “no tools” left after the city’s “eight terrible years” under former Mayor Bill de Blasio combined with actions on the state level.

“You’re seeing what’s happening when you have irresponsible people in charge when they undermine and demoralize the police,” the New York Republican said on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.” “The New York state government is actually getting on board and creating this cashless bail system, the prioritization of criminals over victims.” 

Gov. Kathy Hochul, she added, has just presided over a $220 billion budget but “did not address the situation with cashless bail, with the dangerousness of people on the streets, by making sure there are mandatory minimums for illegal possession of guns and drugs, and a lot of these things that are happening in New York City.” 

But the crime rate is up not only in the city, but also in the state as a whole, said Tenney. 

“They’ve done nothing to resolve the damage done by de Blasio when he defunded over $1 billion out of the New York City Police Department,” said Tenney. “You know what is going to happen when you demoralize and defund the police and prioritize criminals. This is what happens. People aren’t safe.”

The congresswoman also discussed the record-breaking inflation that has been unfolding with President Joe Biden, including the administration’s attempts to blame the rising costs on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his war in Ukraine or on former President Donald Trump’s policies.

“They’re not talking about the trillions and trillions of dollars being flooded into the marketplace and the inability of us to find a way in the supply chain to lower prices,” said Tenney. 

The administration is also focused on “cutting and gutting” the nation’s energy industry and “forcing everyone into a Green New Deal,” said Tenney. “Their answer to the energy crisis is to go buy a $60,000 electric car.”

But with energy prices climbing, that affects the entire supply chain, she continued.

“What you’re seeing is a real disaster and the numbers are incredible,” said Tenney. “The solution the Democrats have is more spending and more incentives to keep people home.”

Inflation is also outpacing slight wage increases, meaning a “tremendous cost to consumers [and] hurting the least able to afford this right now,” she continued. “We have people that are perfectly able to work who aren’t working because we continue to flood the economy with money. “

Meanwhile, the rising number of people coming across the border illegally is creating huge stress on the economy and taxpayers, said Tenney. 

“Ultimately we are paying for these people,” she said. “We pay for their healthcare. We pay for their admission into the communities, even though they’re illegal. These children coming in have all kinds of diseases … we need to provide them with healthcare with clothing with food.”

The Biden administration, she continued, is to blame for the situation on the border, said Tenney. 

“That’s why I have repeatedly called for Joe Biden’s impeachment, over his dereliction of duty and his failure to uphold the laws of the United States.”

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