Replacing “Mother” with “Birthing People”

Let me be frank, as of right now, a man cannot give birth to a child. A biological woman who considers itself a man can if it still has a functioning uterus. A biological man who considers itself a woman cannot, because it does not have a functioning uterus. A uterus is a necessary component of human biology in order to give birth to a human child. With all of this wordplay doublespeak talk about attacks on science, to speak of this today is considered a far right issue. But to me, personally, this seems to be a common sense issue for anyone who claims to be a supporter of science in the modern world. 

This week, in yet another step into the absurdity of modern times, the Biden administration’s White House Budget Proposal for the fiscal year budget for 2022 has entirely replaced the word Mother with the phrase ‘birthing people’. According to an article in Newsweek, the budget includes a public health section aimed to, “reduce maternal mortality rates and end race based disparities in maternal mortality”. Again, being frank here, this is not an issue of race. This is an issue of science and natural human biology. 

In a tweet shared online from the pro choice nonprofit organization NARAL, they defended the replacement of the word Mother by saying that, “When we talk about birthing people, we’re being inclusive. It’s that simple. We use gender neutral language when talking about pregnancy, because it’s not just cis gender women that can get pregnant and give birth. Reproductive freedom is for everybody”. 

To this, I agree somewhat. Reproductive freedom is for everybody and everyone should be able to call themselves whatever they feel like they want to be. Yet, this freedom does not and should not change the fact that a woman keeps the biological role of the capability to give birth. Opinion doesn’t actually change the truth of science. When it comes to the law and legislation, even in budget proposals, to replace the word Mother seems to be somewhat silly. And also, if the goal is not to offend anyone, what about all the actual Mothers who have actually given birth to actual children? Won’t they be offended themselves by the replacement of the word to what they are? For all the Mothers who love being Mothers, even as a man myself, I could imagine that they would be quite offended by this push in the wrong direction. To me, this is nonsense and I cannot believe I am even having to write this out in an article right now. Have we all become so dumbed down by the modern world that we are actually capable of accepting a thought such as this?

Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson responded back on Twitter saying, “Biden’s budget would literally erase the word ‘mother’ and replace it with the woke and watered-down term ‘birthing people’ in relation to maternal health. Why does Biden want to cancel Mothers?”.

Back to the science, a uterus transplant into a male is said to be theoretically possible, yet with all of our science and technology it has still to this day never been successfully done. In 2000, in Saudi Arabia, a uterus transplant was done from one woman to another, but even this action ultimately did not result in a successful pregnancy. Looking at the science, so far, to this day, it is still impossible for a man to get a uterus and to give birth. 

Yes, it does happen all the time in children’s media, movies, science fiction and literature. Men give birth in the fantasy worlds we create for ourselves to enjoy. Nothing wrong with that as long as we have the freedom of thought. But the truth of the matter, again, and the science, is that it is not possible in the modern world for a man to give birth to a child. Only a Mother can do that.

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