Report: A “NeverTrump” Executive is Slowly Killing Fox News Channel

According to a disturbing new report from True Pundit, the Fox News Channel we’ve come to cherish as a conservative voice in a sea of liberal nonsense may be on its last legs. No, the channel is not folding anytime soon, but if Vice President of News Bill Sammon has his way, it may no longer resemble the “fair and balanced” cable outlet that has dominated the airwaves for decades.

Inside sources at the cable network told True Pundit that under Sammon’s leadership, original reporting at Fox is going the way of the dodo. Additionally, Sammon – a NeverTrumper – is putting the kibosh on any stories that probe into the FBI’s misconduct during the 2016 election as well as stories that highlight the corrupt administration of Barack Obama.

“This place has gone downhill fast,” one source told the site. “Basically we all have been told that all Fox wants to cover is breaking news and have pundits talk about breaking news live from news published by other outlets.”

Another source concurred.

“Fox quit, threw in the towel,” they said. “The Murdochs don’t want to make any waves during their bid to purchase Sky News and this is the direction Fox is going. No original investigative pieces.”

According to the sources, many good investigative stories have been spiked under Sammon’s management.

From True Pundit:

What stories have been reportedly sand bagged and tampered with? According to FOX insiders, the stories and subject matter are sweeping and include:

  •     An Eric Schneiderman story linking the now-disgraced former New York attorney general to a clandestine movement of government officials to unseat Trump from the White House.
  •     FBI-related scandals involving Andrew McCabe, James Comey and more FBI top brass.
  •     The FBI’s investigation of Gen. Mike Flynn
  •     Justice Department and FBI corruption linked to the bogus Trump dossier and problematic FISA court warrants and wiretaps.
  •     Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch infamous tarmac meeting.
  •     The Susan Rice unmasking story which included other implicated members of the Obama administration. Those additional administration officials were never identified by FOX although stories detailing their involvement were completed.
  •     New revelations about former Attorney General Eric Holder’s criminal role in the Fast & Furious gun-running scandal.
  •     New revelations about Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s role in the tainted Benghazi debacle.
  •     Additional stories.

Conservatives learned to distrust Fox News during the 2016 Republican primaries, when the network seemed to be at least as interested in torpedoing Trump as their left-wing competitors. Things got a little better after Trump won the nomination, but those early months of betrayal have not been forgotten.

Certainly, there are still hosts and programs on Fox News worth watching, but time may be running out for the Hannitys and the Carlsons and the Ingrahams if this story has any validity. We could be looking forward to an era dominated by the Shepard Smiths of Fox News instead. Which is about as Bah, Humbug of a thing as we can imagine.

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