Report Blames Trump for Rise in School Bullying

The American left has found a wonderful scapegoat in Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. In some ways, Trump has energized liberals as much as he has conservatives. They view him as the mirror image of Barack Obama – a blank slate upon which they can project whatever they want to see. With Obama, they saw a savior. With Trump, they see a monster. And through that lens, they can blame almost anything they want on his meteoric rise.

So here’s the Southern Poverty Law Center to do just that. The SPLC, which is little more than one liberal’s get-rich-quick scheme, released a report this week that says there is a “Trump Effect” in our nation’s schools – the candidate’s rhetoric is supposedly responsible for a rise in fear and bullying all over the country. The report’s conclusions were reached through a survey of more than 2,000 educators. And if we take the comments as being representative of who is teaching our children, Common Core may be the least of our educational worries.

My students are terrified of Donald Trump. They think that if he’s elected, all black people will get sent back to Africa.

Uh, did you disabuse them of this insanity? Or did you wring your hands and say, “Oh dear, I hope that doesn’t happen” in a nervous voice? This fear is so far removed from reality…you might as well blame Bernie Sanders for making kids believe he’s a sorcerer who can control birds with his mind.

There’s a sense that if someone doesn’t agree with you, it’s acceptable (even encouraged) to have hatred and anger towards them.

Right. You sure they learned that from Trump and not you? Nah, liberals love ideological diversity.

I don’t think it’s as possible to be entirely neutral this year. If I were to say that Donald Trump had decent points I’d be agreeing with racist dogma. I can be neutral about Democrats and Republicans, but not about racists.

Maybe this isn’t so much about the “Trump Effect,” but rather the way liberals are presenting Trump to impressionable children. God knows how these children are ever going to function in the world with this kind of nonsense gumming up their minds.

According to the SPLC, more than two-thirds of the surveyed teachers said that minority students – especially Muslims and immigrants – were worried about what might become of them if Trump wins the election. One-third said there had been an increase in anti-minority bullying.

Here’s an idea: Stop treating Trump like the second coming of Hitler and maybe kids won’t be so afraid. Then, stop treating conservative ideas like thinly-veiled forms of bigotry. In other words, quit indoctrinating these students with your political views and instead teach them to think for themselves.

That’s still legal, right?

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