Report: California is Going Even Further to the Left With Next Election


If you thought that California couldn’t possibly stray any more wildly from the values and principles this country was founded on, a new feature story in the Washington Post demonstrates in striking detail how the Golden State is not coming back from the brink anytime soon. Indeed, if the next crop of Democrats in line to run for state office are any indication, the California of today might be considered downright quaint and moderate compared to what’s coming down the pike.

“Here in the self-labeled ‘state of resistance,’ the political debate is being pushed further left without any sign of a Republican renaissance to serve as a check on spending and social policy ambitions,” reads Monday’s feature story. “Even some Republicans are concerned about the departure of Gov. Jerry Brown (D), who proved to be fiscally cautious after inheriting a state seven years ago in deep recession.

“The race to succeed him, as well as contests for U.S. Senate and statewide offices, probably will feature a November ballot exclusively filled with Democrats,” the story continues. “The top two primary finishers compete in the state’s general election regardless of party, setting up several races between the Democrats’ left and even-more-left wings in the nation’s most-populous state, races that could signal the direction of the party’s future.”

Whether or not you happen to live in California, the political trends in that state inevitably play a major role on the national scene. And when it comes to marquee issues like climate change, taxes, immigration, and social progressivism, California has proven over and over again that it is the incubator from which the national Democratic Party pulls their half-baked ideas. Thus, while it might feel nice to just give California a sharp salute and say, “Hey, whatever you guys wanna do,” we don’t have that luxury. We wouldn’t go as far as to say their fate is our fate, but their direction IS the Democratic Party’s direction.

Which tells you everything you need to know about how important it is to keep them out of power in Washington.

As recent events have shown, though, that’s not enough on its own. The Republican Party needs to take a long, hard look at California and figure out what’s going wrong, because the state wields far too much power for us to simply hand it over to the left. Granted, there may be nothing that can be done, given the way the state’s Hispanic population has exploded, but it seems to us there is still an opportunity for the GOP to show it is both pro-Latino and anti-illegal immigration. That CAN’T be the impossible position that the left is brainwashing Americans to believe, and it simply isn’t.

The answer, as always, may come down to simple economics. Sooner or later, the Democrats are going to run California into a debt hole the likes of which no state has ever experienced. When that happens, the fate of many major cities could be that of Detroit, Baltimore, and other mismanaged Democrat metropolises. Then, perhaps, Republicans will have their chance to take over and do it better.

For now, California is the “Resistance” in state form. And we haven’t seen the worst of their craziness yet.

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