Report: FBI Deliberately Trying to Delay Release of IG Report on Hillary Clinton

“What is taking so long with the Inspector General’s Report on Crooked Hillary and Slippery James Comey,” President Trump tweeted on Tuesday. “Numerous delays. Hope report is not being changed and made weaker! There are so many horrible things to tell, the public has a right to know. Transparency!”

This tweet, along with the delay in the report’s release, has many conservatives worried that the report we get in the end may not bear a resemblance to the report in its current form. This has been an investigation more than a year in the making, and Americans are understandably eager to see what Michael Horowitz will say about the FBI and the DOJ’s handling of the Clinton case. Eager to see if there is an explanation for why the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate got away scot free after elaborately and obviously breaking the law. And eager to see how the misconduct in that case relates to the egregious misconduct in the related Trump/Russia collusion case.

Will all the pieces come together? Will we learn what steps Loretta Lynch, Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and others took to protect Clinton? Will we finally find out what Lynch and Bill Clinton discussed on that airport tarmac? Will anyone be asked to answer for their misdeeds in front of Congress?

These are questions we’ve been living with since that summer day when Comey strode up to the podium to assure America that while Clinton did break the law in her handling of classified material, “no reasonable prosecutor” would take the case.

It’s time for us to have the answers, but according to at least one lawmaker, the answers may be tainted by the time they arrive on Capitol Hill.

“The Department of Justice and the FBI are deliberately attempting to slow roll and redact significant portions of DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz’s report on the bureau’s handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation, according to numerous congressional officials and investigators,” reported Sara Carter on Wednesday. “The 400-page report, which was completed several weeks ago and addresses Clinton’s use of her private server for government business, is currently being reviewed by the DOJ and FBI. According to sources, individuals mentioned in the reports are also allowed to review the document.”

Carter spoke to Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who said that the American people had a right to see the contents of the report immediately.

“This has gone on long enough and the American people’s patience is wearing thin,” he said. “We need accountability.”

Hopefully, that accountability is coming our way within the next week. If the Department of Justice continues to delay, obfuscate, and request changes, it may be time for Congress to step in and (once again) demand that the DOJ step aside and allow the oversight process to unfold without impediment. God only knows what they’re trying to hide this time.


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