Report: Illegal Immigrants “Eager” to Be Captured by U.S. Officials


NBC News embedded reporters with U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents for two days and learned that not only is there an intense surge of Central American border crossings in recent weeks, the families coming into the United States actually want to be captured.

From the report:

During two days that NBC News spent with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, it became clear that [Agent Marlene] Castro and her colleagues were dealing with a sudden surge of families from Central America who are running toward those officials — not from them.

Many of the families are eager to be caught so they can apply for asylum or temporary protected status as they try to escape the violence back home.

Agents are seeing a border surge comparable to the influx of 2014; Border Patrol officials arrested 46,195 illegal immigrants in the month of October alone. Some have said the surge is due to the election. Migrants wanted to get in the country to take advantage of any amnesty that might have resulted from a Hillary Clinton victory. Or, fearing the other result, to get into the country before Donald Trump put up the wall and made it much, much harder.

Now, of course, we know which future to expect. But border agents told NBC that while a wall will help, it’s not the end-all, be-all fix the U.S. requires.

“I never look at one singular solution to a very complex problem,” Border Patrol Sector Chief Manuel Padilla told reporters. A comprehensive solution, he said, “includes aircraft, it includes technology, and in some places, the fence is absolutely necessary.”

Clearly, what’s going on now is unacceptable. President Obama has spent eight years gradually deteriorating our immigration laws through executive actions, bully pulpit rhetoric, and a general administration culture of promoting amnesty. This is the result. Central Americans are being sent a message: Get in while the getting’s good, folks. And they have heard that message loud and clear.

Trump will not find it easy to get this horrific problem under control, but he can at least set our country down a different path. We can start showing respect for the rule of law again and start enforcing our national borders. This isn’t a matter of theoretical concern; drugs, crime, and terrorism are all connected to border security or lack thereof. To say nothing, of course, of the tremendous strain on the taxpayer or the loss of jobs.

Build the wall, deport criminals, and stop luring illegal immigrants into the country. If Trump can get started on those three initiatives, we’ll be far better off as a nation.


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