Report: Trump is Confident That Mueller Will Soon Exonerate Him

According to a lengthy new report from CNN, President Donald Trump is not even slightly worried about what Special Counsel Robert Mueller may find in the course of his investigation. While many of Trump’s supporters are worried about the biased, partisan tone of the investigation and the liberties Mueller has taken when it comes to expanding the scope of his inquiry, the president – who of course knows whether or not he colluded with Moscow – is telling friends and allies in private that he expects to be exonerated sooner than later.

“Trump is boasting to friends and advisers that he expects Mueller to clear him of wrongdoing in the coming weeks, according to sources familiar with the conversations,” reports CNN. “The President seems so convinced of his impending exoneration that he is telling associates Mueller will soon write a letter clearing him that Trump can brandish to Washington and the world in a bid to finally emerge from the cloud of suspicion that has loomed over the first chapter of his presidency, the sources said.”

We know, we know; it’s CNN. But the picture the news outlet presents here is interesting because it flies in the face of the typical left-wing narrative. It’s one thing to report that Trump is publicly boasting of his innocence; it’s quite another to discover that, even away from social media and the glare of the Washington press spotlight, Trump is declaring the same thing. A president who is simply putting on a false front would not be telling his closest advisers and allies, “I don’t know any Russians!”

Nor would he be so confident that Mueller’s investigation, even with the hopes of every Democrat in DC resting on its outcome, will ultimately (and quickly) find him not guilty. Only a man who is truly innocent would have such confidence, and this makes us all the more certain that these allegations were made up – whole cloth – by Trump’s political enemies. This was never anything more than opposition research that somehow got “legitimized” by an Obama-era power structure that was so afraid of a Trump presidency that they were willing to grasp at any intelligence straws they could find.

According to one source who spoke to CNN, “The president’s mantra is, ‘All this Russia stuff, it’s all going to wrap up soon.’ He repeats is as fact. Part of me is like – ‘Are you serious? You believe this?’”

And that’s the rub. Yes, we believe that Trump is confident that Mueller’s investigation will soon his a brick wall, and yes, we believe that he’s that confident because he knows that the allegations against him are pure BS.

On the other hand, we hope he is not naïve about what this investigation is really about. It’s not about finding the truth. It’s not about proving or disproving Russian collusion. It’s about creating a political maelstrom that the Democrats will be able to run against in 2018 and 2020 and it’s about finding any crime – no matter how far afield and unrelated to Russia it is – that Mueller can use against Trump and his associates.

In other words, we wish we shared the president’s optimism.

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