Republicans Are Anti-Science? Ok, But Liberals Are Anti-Economy


Every time the debate on global warming comes up, Republicans and conservatives wind up being called out as being anti-science. Liberals have effectively cut conservatives out of the conversation. The media has relegated global warming deniers to the political trash heap beside anti-vaxxers and people who use the word “chemtrails.”

That’s fine – time will tell whether climate change was ever the global threat liberals insist that it is – but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s time for the liberals who believe the answer to a strong economy is wealth distribution to come join us climate change skeptics in the junkyard. Unfortunately, year after year we see politicians – including, but not limited to, our current President – tell us that only by knocking the rich down a peg can we raise the middle class.

Opposing Views

This fundamental difference between the two parties is actually one of the most divisive disagreements in all of politics. Republicans believe that the key to a bigger, better economy is in taking the leash off the individual. In making sure we don’t punish those who have had the gall to grasp the American dream. Liberals see the whole system as unfair. They look at those in the top 10% and see selfish cheaters or people who got there through blind luck. Even the richest liberals have a tendency to act as though they found success in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

For thousands of years, countries typically consisted of a rich upper class of royalty/aristocracy and a low class of peasants and smiths. In those societies, the blacksmith’s son didn’t have much of a chance of owning a castle, did he? No, he was entitled to the same life as his father, no matter how brutal that life might have been. There were no options for the ambitious young man who wanted to work his way off the sheep farm and into a glorious mansion.

America went a different way. Our politicians would be voted into office in a democratic system that, while not perfect, would eliminate a permanent ruling class. Jefferson wrote into the Declaration of Independence a phrase that would come to embody the American dream: all men were created equal. In the new country known as the United States, you could work your way from the sheep farm to the mansion. Democracy and free market capitalism have given each and every person the opportunity to succeed.

And that’s where Democrats get hung up. They look at the poverty-stricken kid growing up in Compton and ask how we can possibly say he has the same opportunities as the CEO’s kid. Simple. We didn’t say that. And we’ve done just about everything we can do in the last fifty years to even out some of that inequality. But that doesn’t change the fact that the kid in Compton does have a chance to succeed. That’s more than he would have in many other countries, and it’s more than he would have had at any other time in history.

When liberals talk about crushing the rich under a ridiculous tax rate, they’re trying to solve that problem of inequality with a sledgehammer. By doing so, they destroy everything that works about the free market economy. There really is very little compromise to be done on the subject. The liberal idea of a fair American economy would collapse within a generation. The conservative idea of a fair American economy has endured – even with considerable government intervention – for hundreds of years.

Sorry, redistributive liberals. The economy must be driven by facts and well-formulated theories, not feelings.

Want to talk about the weather, instead?

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