Republicans Fail (Again) to Stop Obama on Iran

Is it incompetence? Apathy? Something more sinister?

These are the questions conservatives should be asking themselves today as we bask in the glow of another spectacular Republican failure. After all the bluster and tough-talk, the Senate voted this week to uphold the Iranian nuclear deal, shutting down any but the most unlikely routes to victory. Essentially, this was a political failure rather than an ideological one – Republicans were united in opposition and the votes reflected that. But because of sneaky Democrat procedural tricks, they were unable to push the disapproval resolution through.


You have to laugh at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, eager to save face in front of the press. “No amount of saying this issue is over makes it over,” McConnell said. He warned that should Republicans take the White House, things would change. “I say to Iranian observers of the debate, (the deal) will be looked on anew.”

Yes, but Mitch, could you explain why anyone should vote to put a member of your party in the White House? Because judging by what Republicans have been able to achieve with majorities in both the House and Senate, there appears to be no difference between your party and Obama’s. You guys certainly sound different when there’s a microphone around, but the story of the last nine months seems to be one of cowardice, if not outright collusion.

Speaking of the House, Boehner and friends are scrambling to find ways to oppose the deal. The House speaker actually mentioned that filing suit was among the options on the table. “This debate is far from over, and frankly, it’s just beginning,” he said. “This is a bad deal with decades-long consequences for the security of the American people and our allies. And we’ll use every tool at our disposal to stop, slow, and delay this agreement.”

Indeed! But that’s the problem, Johnny. You should have already been using every tool at your disposal. Presumably, that’s what you’ve been doing to combat Obama for the last seven years. What difference has it made? The only meaningful opposition to this president in recent memory has come from the states. Certainly, Obama was able to ram his executive orders on amnesty right past your sorry lot.

Part of the problem, of course, comes from media coverage of this deal. Instead of reporting on both sides fairly, news stories painted it as just another political sideshow. When Obama wants a piece of legislation, the media addresses the legislation itself. When Republicans oppose, the media focuses not on their arguments but on the political ramifications of their opposition. This is why the country sees the GOP as obstructionists, even though two parties have to disagree for the government to shut down.

But that’s no excuse. Being a conservative in 2015 means facing down a hostile press. These Republicans are far too afraid of losing their jobs and not nearly scared enough of losing their country.

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