Repugnant: Women’s March Leader Defends Rocket Attack on Israel

Terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip fired more than 450 rockets into Israel this week as a supposed retaliation for a firefight that erupted recently between soldiers of Hamas and Israeli troops. That firefight left several Palestinians dead and also resulted in the killing of a senior Israel Defense Forces officer.

At times like this, sensible observers urge both sides to calm themselves and take a step back. This is particularly true for reasonable supporters of the Palestinians, seeing as how full-scale military assaults from Israel rarely turn out well for the occupied territories. The Palestinians, should they ever hope to achieve anything resembling a permanent state and a stable, self-sustaining government, cannot continue to antagonize their Jewish neighbors. There is no scenario in which the Palestinians “win” this war. Their most fervent supporters would do well to recognize this fact.

Unfortunately, what we get more often than not are people like Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian activist and co-founder of the Women’s March group. These are people whose anti-semitism has blinded them to the legitimacy of the Israeli position and whose thirst for Islamic triumph outweighs their common sense.

“What are the people of Gaza supposed to do?” Sarsour asked on Twitter. “Roll on their sides, continue to accept this aggression, an open air prison, and this siege that has strangled an entire people? When is enough – ENOUGH?”

No, keep hurling rockets at a nearly-impenetrable defense system and see where that gets you.

An alternative option? To vote out these terrorists that you’ve elected to represent you, put down your weapons, and find a path to peace that does not include driving Israel out of Jerusalem. And when we say “alternative option,” what we really mean is the only option short of packing up your stuff and finding an Islamic country that will house you and your descendants permanently.

This past week’s flare-up of violence has been the worst seen in the region since 2014, and anyone with a vested interest in avoiding further bloodshed is urging a cease-fire. As of now, Egypt has apparently negotiated such a truce between Gaza and the Israelis; we’ll see if this is a peace that can last or if we’re on the precipice of what the Palestinians would call a Third Intifada. The last one ended in 2005, but with the current Gaza leadership dependent on conflict for their political survival, the time may be ripe for another period of war.

Unfortunately, until such time that a real peace settlement can be forged, that violence is constantly simmering in the background, ready to boil over at any time.


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