Researchers Retract Police Racism Study for Obvious Political Reasons


There are many things wrong with the Black Lives Matter movement, none of which have anything to do with its name. While choosing that name was a stroke of genius (what, you DON’T think black lives matter??), it has very little to do with the group’s mission. A cursory look at their official website can confirm this. This is a Marxist group masquerading as a racial justice organization, and they don’t give the slightest damn about actually saving black lives.

If they did, they would be focused on the black-on-black crime that steals some 2,500 lives a year. If they did, they might even be focused on the abortions that snuff out 28% of black babies before they come to term. If they did, the 8-10 unarmed black men killed by police each year (most of whom undoubtedly did everything they could to bring death upon themselves) would not consume all of their attention.

But beyond their narrow, misleading focus, Black Lives Matter and their media allies are guilty of a far worse sin: Ignoring the truth about police shootings. Because from every academic study we have that dares to focus on this topic, we know that the idea that racist cops are out there murdering black men is a complete lie. Does it happen every now and then? Well, it’s a big country. Injustice of every stripe occurs every now and then. Does it deserve attention? Of course. Does it call for the burning of American cities, the looting of American stores, and a full-scale racial justice revolution? Come on.

This was the point Heather Mac Donald was trying to make when she cited a study from researchers from Michigan State and the University of Maryland. Its conclusion: “We did not find evidence for anti-Black or anti-Hispanic disparity in police use of force across all shootings, and, if anything, found anti-White disparities when controlling for race-specific crime.”

But after Mac Donald and others cited this study to prove that “systemic police racism” is a myth being pushed by agitators who have a much different agenda to the one they are assumed to have, the Michigan researchers actually asked that their report be retracted. They said their conclusions are subject to “continued misuse” in the media – that misuse, natch, being that it is being used to refute the number one talking point espoused by BLM and its supporters.

Their purpose in publishing the study, the researchers said, was not to “address the larger question of how race impacts the probability of being shot by police.”

Perhaps not. But it shed light on that question, nonetheless. And to retract it because it is being used for that purpose is an act of cowardice so egregious that it defies belief. If this is the direction science is going – where conclusions are thrown out and/or hidden because they don’t align with the demands of the angry mob – then we are in for a bleak future.

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