Respiratory Illness Ravages American Children – Illegals Be to Blame?

Could a respiratory viral infection currently sweeping its way through the public school system have its origins in the wave of underage illegal immigrants currently being sent to school in U.S. communities? The virus – labeled Enterovirus EV-D68 – has been detected in at least ten states, but information regarding the cause of the outbreak is still in short supply. What has many states worried is not so much the rate of outbreak but the forcefulness of its aggression. It has sent hundreds to the hospital with the symptoms of an intense cold. Missouri, Colorado, and other states in the Midwest have been particularly hard hit. These also happen to be some of the states where Central American immigrants have found themselves as a result of government relocation.

While enteroviruses are very common, health officials have been alarmed at the number of children requiring hospitalization. One hospital in Kansas City, MO has seen more than 30 children a day admitted to the intensive care unit as a result of the infection. “It’s worse in terms of scope of critically ill children who require intensive care. I would call it unprecedented,” a Children’s Mercy Hospital doctor told CNN. Children’s Mercy has seen almost 500 children treated for the virus since August.

If there’s a silver lining to this ominous cloud, it’s that enteroviruses typically aren’t fatal. Most of the children will get better following the proper care, though that doesn’t make health officials any less curious about the source of the outbreak. Unfortunately, it will take an unreasonable burden of proof for the media to ever accuse these poor, blessed immigrants for bringing with them a major outbreak of disease. In media outlets less afraid to confront the truth, however, the warnings regarding an impending health crisis have been sounding since this whole problem began.

As far back as the beginning of summer, outspoken doctors have called for a quarantine when it comes to illegal immigrants. Of course, this type of talk gets swept under the rug. Even the simple request that these immigrants be subject to a thorough health examination has been met with radio silence on the part of the Obama administration. Of course it has. If Americans think these “children” (many of whom are well into their 30s, by the way) are bringing diseases with them across the border, it won’t just be the right wing blogosphere calling for action. The prospect of halted deportations and amnesty would be met with an outrage so severe that Obama would have nowhere to run. That’s why we’re not going to hear about any connections between EV-D68 and illegal immigration. It would be politically disastrous for the left.

Whether the onslaught of unaccompanied immigrant children is responsible for this outbreak or not, the fact is that American children are being put at considerable health risk. Communicable diseases like tuberculosis, scabies, and chicken pox have been widely reported amongst the immigrants. Several Border Patrol agents have been infected with illnesses while processing these children. Once again, the left has put their sick ideology ahead of common sense. Once again, it will have dire consequences for the rest of us.

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