Rob Reiner Thinks TV Outlets Have Never “Aligned With” a President Before

Actor and director Rob Reiner could not have made his comments on a more ironic station, nor a more ironic show.

Apparently unaware of just how foolish it would be to accuse Fox News of being “Trump TV” on a cable channel as biased against this White House as MSNBC, Reiner went on Morning Joe on Friday to tell substitute host Nicolle Wallace that he’d never seen – EVER – cable channels line up behind an American president’s agenda the way Fox has with Trump. But before he could get into his problem with conservative media, Reiner gave the left some red meat by assuring the audience that he was fully on board with the Trump/Russia conspiracy theory.

“The president of the United States is in conspiracy with [Russia,]” Reiner said. “This has never happened before in this country. You can see why the other side is putting out a full court press, because they know that what’s coming down the pipe, conceivably, it is the biggest scandal in American history and we are fighting right now for the soul of our democracy.”

Reiner used that launch pad to rocket towards his extraordinary claim about conservative media and their alliance with the Trump administration.

“The press is under attack and right now, if you remove the ability to get the truth out, then you’re going to have the destruction of democracy,” he said. “We don’t have any checks and balances coming from Congress. Right now, the courts are holding, but this is the first time in American history where you have a state-run television — Fox, Breitbart, Sinclair, Alex Jones – aligned with the president of the United States. That’s very, very tough. The battle lines have been drawn. And we’re going to see whether or not democracy survives.”

This rant is silly for so many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that CNN and MSNBC were nothing more than state-run media for the Obama regime for eight long years. Nor is it to be missed that Reiner threw “Alex Jones” in there with Fox and Sinclair. Really? So by that standard, we can throw in DailyKos and Media Matters and Salon and Slate and all the rest of the Obama-fellating left-wing blogosphere, all of which carried water for the “state” for the duration of his presidency.

But really, the dumbest part of Reiner’s rant is this hyperbolic business about the “destruction of democracy.” We thought the left gave up this nonsense halfway through 2017, but it apparently survives. There are still liberals who want so badly to believe that President Trump poses a Hitler-esque threat to the United States that they’re willing to turn a blind eye to all evidence to the contrary. This is sad. This is mental illness made manifest. Reiner is essentially saying that if we have a president who isn’t a liberal and we have news stations that tell viewers a story different than the liberal outlets…well, then, we might as well pack it up because America is finished.

Well, maybe the America YOU wanted to live in, Mr. Reiner.

If we’re lucky.

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