Robbers Brazenly Ignore State Fair’s Gun Ban

Washington State Fair organizers had a foolproof plan. To ensure their employees did not run afoul of gun-toting marauders while going about their daily work, fair officials enacted a strict ban on firearms. Knowing that there has never been a time in American history where criminals dared to flaunt clearly-posted signs, the officials presumably dusted off their hands and congratulated each other for their mutual genius.

And then the unthinkable happened. On September 15, a group of robbers proved that crime has changed in the year of our lord 2015. With a wanton disregard for the fair’s gun ban, these criminals waltzed onto the grounds with the very weapons the officials asked people not to bring. They proceeded to use these weapons to commit three separate armed robberies in a 20-minute time span, targeting fair employees who had just been paid in cash.

“I guess you feel pretty big when you have a gun,” said one of the robbery victims.

Police were not able to catch the perpetrators, but the suspects have been described as four young black men driving a white Buick or an Oldsmobile. Police didn’t describe them as illiterate, so we can only assume they deliberately disobeyed the posted signs.

Good, Good, Good…Good Intentions

Whoever said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions must have known a liberal. As long as something sounds good, it is good. It doesn’t matter if years of research have proven that it’s not, it still is. As long as one’s intentions are pure, that’s really all that matters.

This is why you don’t see this huge shift on gun control in this country. This isn’t an argument that can be won with numbers and facts. Once someone decides that GUNS ARE BAD, there’s no getting them back through traditional means of argumentation. What they fail to realize is that their gun-free zones and strict gun control policies are actually making this country a more dangerous place.

“I’d say it was very bold to be doing this, especially this time of year with the fair going on and so many people being out and about,” a police officer said about the Washington State Fair crime spree.

Yes, what could have possibly emboldened them? The temptation of cash-flush, unarmed fair workers? You don’t need an iron backbone to overcome those odds. Criminals and psychopaths are drawn to these gun-free zones like flies to rotting meat, knowing they can carry out their crimes without fear of armed resistance. Washington State Fair’s no-guns policy didn’t just fail; it left these employees sitting ducks. One might draw a reference to the military recruiters shot in Chattanooga. They weren’t allowed to carry guns, but the Islamic radicals that shot them didn’t have a problem with it.

Gun rights activists spend far too much time on the defensive. It’s time to fight back hard and show the undecideds out there that gun control laws put innocent people in danger.

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