Romney Blames GOP Candidates for Trump’s Victory

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, whose efforts to stop the Trump Train can only be regarded as pathetic and impotent, is now blaming the rest of the 2016 Republican primary field for not doing enough to defeat the billionaire. Speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer from his own Experts and Enthusiasts Summit in Park City, Utah this weekend, Romney said candidates like Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush had mishandled their campaigns.

“Their biggest failure was attacking each other and not the frontrunner,” he said. “Just politically, I thought that move was not right for them.”

According to Romney, Cruz wasted months praising Trump while going after other candidates like Marco Rubio. He also criticized John Kasich for staying in the race long after it was obvious that he didn’t have a shot at the nomination. And he slammed the Jeb Bush super PAC Right to Rise for spending much of their $100 million budget attacking opponents other than Trump.

“I thought it was an extremely large mistake on their part,” Romney said.

Though Romney is nowhere near softening his stance against Trump, he did acknowledge the nominee’s political skill. “He played it extremely well,” he said. “It was a very effective strategy.”

Romney once again dismissed any notion that he might launch a third-party run against Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but he said that he wasn’t quite done with politics. Apparently confident that Trump will lose, Romney said, “I do believe, after November, I’m going to be involved in articulating what the Republican Party stands for.”

Romney’s Monday-morning quarterbacking might be well received by the Republican insiders he invited to Utah, but you can’t help but notice that he’s more concerned about the future of the party than the future of the country. It’s all well and good to look forward to reforming the GOP after November, but how about taking steps to make sure Hillary Clinton doesn’t take office? How about supporting the Republican nominee so we don’t have to subject the American economy to another four years of failed liberal policy?

As Bob Dole said this weekend, George Washington ain’t on the ballot. Maybe Republicans like Romney don’t feel Trump is the perfect nominee, but if you can’t at least acknowledge that he’s the best we’ve got, what kind of a conservative are you?

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