Rosie O’Donnell Caught Making Illegal Donations to Democrats

The New York Post reported this weekend that Rosie O’Donnell made at least five illegal campaign donations to Democrats, running over the limits set by the Federal Election Commission. Those limits state that a person can only give an individual candidate $2,700 per election. O’Donnell exceeded that limit with five separate federal candidates.

Naturally, the virulently anti-Trump celebrity says she did nothing wrong.

“Nothing nefarious,” O’Donnell told the Post. “I was not choosing to over donate. If 2700 is the cut off, they should refund the money. I don’t look to see who I can donate most to. I just donate assuming they do not accept what is over the limit.”

That excuse is undermined by the fact that O’Donnell donated using a variety of addresses and even several variations on her own name. Perhaps that’s par for the course when it comes to Rosie’s business dealings, but it suggests that she was deliberately trying to get around the donation limits.

In her response to the Post, O’Donnell said that she uses donating as a form of self-medication on sleepless nights.

“My anxiety is quelled by donating to those opposing trump [and] his agenda — especially at night — when most of these were placed,” she wrote.

O’Donnell donated funds over the limit to Alabama Sen. Doug Jones ($4,700), Pennsylvania Rep. Conor Lamb ($3,600), California Rep. Adam Schiff ($2,900), Illinois congressional candidate Lauren Underwood ($4,200), and Brooklyn congressional candidate Omar Vaid ($3,450).

The Post reports that while donations over the limit are illegal, personal contributors rarely face any consequences for going over the prescribed amount.

“Donors are rarely fined for excess contributions and then only if they are hiding the donations from the recipients,” campaign finance lawyer Jan Witold Baran told the paper. “Campaigns generally are not penalized for isolated contributions over a limit. However, multiple excessive donations may lead to an investigation. Fines could result in such cases.”

O’Donnell was feuding with Donald Trump long before the billionaire got involved in politics. Since joining the fray and, ultimately, winning the presidency, Trump has become an object of singular scorn for the former daytime talk show host. She has called him and anyone who supports him a Nazi, has made allusions to his young son Barron having autism, and has promoted video games in which the player attempts to kill the president. Meanwhile, apparently, she’s been flaunting election finance rules in an effort to stave off nighttime depression.

Perhaps she should save some of that campaign money and get herself some professional help.

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