Roy Moore’s Victory Will Be the Final Nail in the Democrat Coffin

You’ve probably seen the liberal media pundits and the Republican Establishment shills commenting on the Roy Moore saga down in Alabama. They think, to quote Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, that if the GOP becomes the party of Trump and Moore, they are “toast.” That Moore’s win (and, in conjunction, Steve Bannon’s growing rise in the conservative movement) will turn the GOP into a permanent minority party, catering only to those wildlings on the far fringes of the right – the infamous “basket of deplorables” that supposedly sent Trump to the White House in the first place.

What you don’t hear much speculation about is what Moore’s victory would mean for the Democratic Party. Yes, Alabama is a solidly-red state, but it isn’t the kind of place where Democrats lose in a landslide every time out. And it’s clear that, given the recent controversies surrounding Moore and his historical preference for, ahem, younger women, Democrat Doug Jones is going to give the former state Supreme Court judge a run for his money. And let’s face it, Jones is supported nationally by not only the DNC but by the media and half the Republicans in Congress.

So we ask: If the Democrats can’t pull together a national movement to defeat someone accused of sexually molesting, assaulting, and harassing teenage girls (putting aside the truth or fiction of these allegations) what does that say for THEIR future?

Alabama or not, this should be a relatively easy election for them to win. The media has turned Moore into a Christian crackpot, a predatory monster, and a slimy product of far-right interests. You couldn’t dream up a more comprehensive, negative campaign to run against someone. If it still isn’t enough – if Moore still ascends to victory next month – what hope do Democrats really have of winning back control of the Senate in 2018? What hope do they have of winning the White House in 2020? What hope do they have…period?

Certainly, Moore’s victory would prove two things. One, it would signal that Democrats are DONE south of the Mason/Dixon. They have burned their bridges too many times and southerners are no longer even slightly interested in what they’re selling. Their culture wars have targeted the sacred cows of the South over and over again, and they are now paying the price for writing off an entire swath of the country.

Two, it would prove that Americans – at long last – are finally waking up to the agenda of the mainstream liberal media. The “opposition party,” as Bannon calls them. And he’s absolutely right. That’s been the case since the days of Bill Clinton’s presidency, if not long before, and it is worse than ever these days. The difference being that you don’t necessarily have to listen to Rush Limbaugh every afternoon to realize it. We have a president who isn’t afraid to call the media out on its glaring errors and stupefying bias, we have a diverse and healthy ideological spectrum of sources on the internet, and, frankly, we have a media that went WAY too far in its zeal to elect Hillary Clinton. Liberal media bias only “works” when its subtle and practically invisible. In their fear of Trump and their disdain for the intelligence of the average American, the media accidentally exposed itself as the partisan player it is. And now it has lost all credibility with a significant portion of the voting public.

If Moore wins, you can count on Democrats to say it shows how morally bankrupt Republican voters have become. In reality, it will show that the Democratic Party brand has become so poisonous to most Americans, that even a man with Moore’s suspicious history can overcome the odds. If you’re a Democrat, that’s not great news heading into the midterms.

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