Sanctuary Cities Putting Americans at Risk

Every time a left-wing news outlet reports on Donald Trump, they trot out statistics that say there is no correlation between illegal immigration and crime. Trump, when allowed to respond, has done his best to counter this retort but his message has gotten lost in the lynch mob. Liberals in the press don’t care if Trump is “right” or “wrong”; they just want to get their digs in.

But even if the press is right about correlation, it doesn’t change the basic fact: ANY crime committed by an illegal alien is one too many. Kate Steinle would be alive today if it weren’t for this nation’s pathetic attitude towards deportation and border security. And if shoring up the border can save even one innocent life a year, the monumental task is more than worth it.

Of course, a strong wall and a coherent policy on immigration would save thousands. And according to Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Study, more than 8,000 illegals were released from custody by so-called sanctuary cities in a single eight-month period in 2014. 8,000 cases that mirror the one that led to Steinle’s tragic murder. Among those 8,000 were felons, prior convicts, and some, ahem, were probably good people.

When even Hillary Clinton is forced to criticize your lax policies on immigration, you know you’re too far out there. That’s nothing new for a city like San Francisco, but that is only one of many cities in the U.S. that refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities. Residents of those cities are being put in danger by politicians who put the safety of illegals about the safety of real American citizens. If that sounds baffling, welcome to 2015. Since President Obama took office, nothing makes much sense anymore.

How many Kate Steinles have to die before America starts demanding answers? How many innocent lives must be stolen before Democrats realize the damage they’re doing to our country? This isn’t about racism. This isn’t about Donald Trump. This is about putting in place reasonable measures that protect American lives. It doesn’t seem as though that’s too much to ask, but the statistics prove that no one is willing to do anything about it.

What other country would put the lives of foreign invaders above the lives of their own citizens? It’s unthinkable. But in the interests of appearing ever more progressive, U.S. Democrats have adopted just such a policy. And it’s high time that Republicans started calling them out on it. Unfortunately, many of the top Republicans have a line on illegal immigration that’s almost as weak as Obama’s.

This is a crisis too serious to become a political sideshow. Every day, illegals from Mexico, South America, and all over the world are pouring through our unsecured border. A great many of them – regardless of what Univision thinks about it – are bringing crime, disease, and economic disaster across with them. As a sovereign nation, we have the right to say no mas.

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