Santa Barbara Axes Pledge of Allegiance for “White Nationalism” History

This week, Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees President Robert Miller announced that school officials would “discontinue the use of the Pledge of Allegiance” at board meetings due to the “expressions of nativism and white nationalism” found in the recitation.

From Campus Reform:

In emails obtained exclusively by Campus Reform, the president of the SBCC Board of Trustees, Robert Miller, stated that he decided to “discontinue use of the Pledge of Allegiance” at board meetings because of its history.

Live stream videos of the board’s past several meetings show that the last time members recited the Pledge of Allegiance during a board meeting was Dec. 13. During the Jan. 10 live-streamed meeting, Miller noted at the beginning that it was his first meeting as president of the board. It was also the first meeting since a similar circumstance in summer 2018 that members did not recite the pledge.

“I decided to discontinue use of the Pledge of Allegiance for reasons related to its history and symbolism,” Miller said in an email to Celeste Barber, a former adjunct instructor at SBCC. “I have discovered that the Pledge of Allegiance has a history steeped in expressions of nativism and white nationalism.” 

In addition to these reasons, Miller stated that he’d rather pledge his allegiance to the Constitution “instead of a physical object.”

Oh really? Just wait until your buddies on the left indoctrinate you with all of the “nativism and white nationalism” found in that hallowed document, my friend. You may soon discover that there is literally nothing of value that came out of so-called “white America,” save for the fact that we now have something evil and awful with which to compare our current state of glorious multiculturalism.

Just imagine being a grown man with a professional position and having no problem whatsoever admitting that you just “discovered” that the Pledge of Allegiance is – what? A mainstream version of the 14 words? Is that what we’re supposed to understand? What exactly is it about this short confirmation of patriotism that smacks of “white nationalism”? Is it a feature of white nationalism to take pride in one’s country at this point? We suppose that it is.

The left is shocked when Republican voters fail to revolt, en masse, when they “prove” that someone like Rep. Steve King is a racist. They don’t understand that we’ve long since grown immune to the accusation. When everything is racist, up to and including the Pledge of Allegiance, then nothing is. It’s just a buzzword thrown around to win arguments that no one is actually having. It’s real-life clickbait, aimed at appeasing the far-left drooling socialists who would be happy watching this nation sink into the Atlantic.

They never seem to put their money where their mouths are and leave, though, do they? Funny, that.

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