Schiff Tampers With Evidence … Again


California Congressman Adam Schiff is extending his streak of creating false evidence.  This is more that just lying.  He is actually creating a false record.  If he were still a federal prosecutor – or this was in a real court-of-law — he could be charged with prosecutorial abuse, contempt of court – and even worse crimes.

Arguably Congress’ number one prevaricating prosecutor (and that is no small accomplishment), is now one of the kangaroos on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s political court of public opinion – other wise know as the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Capitol Hill Riot.

First a little history about Schiff.

You will recall that n the middle of the Special Counsel James Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election – and more specifically political accusations that the Trump campaign were conspiring with the Russian meddling — Schiff made the circuit of friendly news outlets to announce that in secret sessions of the House Intelligence Committee, he had seen hard evidence that Trump and others were guilty of criminal conspiracy.  Proof positive.

Schiff obviously expected Mueller to come up with something to save is lying arse, but instead it was determined that Trump, nor anyone associated with the campaign, had conspired with the Russians.  Schiff gets busted.

In the second instances, Schiff read a “quote” by President Trump from the transcribed phone conversation between the President and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.  Schiff read it to the world from his seat as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee.  It was a very damaging quote, indeed.  Made Trump sound really bad. The only problem was … Schiff made it up.  Yep!  Schiff simply made up a damning quote that he falsely attributed to Trump – actually putting his fabrication into the Congressional Record.

In neither of the two instances above did Schiff suffer any consequences for his outrageous skullduggery.  

 Now cometh the latest Schiff (excrement deleted).

This time Schiff made the rounds of the Democrat propaganda media to reveal yet another damning bit of information he had as a member of Pelosi’s Select Committee – and AGAIN is altered the content and attributed to the wrong person.  This is exactly the kind of disinformation we can expect from the one-sided Committee that operates as a prosecutorial vehicle without opportunity for rebuttal or exculpating information.  It is a bit like listening to only one party in a bitter divorce.

Schiff set off a round of stories on left-wing media that featured an out-of-context portion from a text message that Schiff implied was written by Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan.  According to the political spin, it “proved” that Jordan had been complicit in the Democrats concocted coup attempt – and was recommending that Vice President Pence intervene in the certification of the Electoral vote.

Even more damning – according to the reports – was the fact that Jordan had been appointed to serve on the Select Committee until Speaker Pelosi broke precedent and rejected Jordan – determining that SHE was the only one who could select members of the Committee – including the Republican members.  

Again, in an unprecedented and boldly partisan move, Pelosi not only reject Republicans selected by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy but she cherry picked two Republicans who had established themselves as enemies of Trump and virtually every other Republican member of Congress.  Two Republicans who fully aligned themselves with Pelosi and the Democrats false narratives – Congressmen Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney.

Consistent with his typical MO, Schiff read his selected snippet during a hearing of the Select Committee – then raced to the news studios to repeat, expand and spin his so-called “evidence.”  The compliant news media repeated Schiff’s bogus information in virtually every news cast for the next couple days – and intermittently in the future.

In a disingenuous attempt at integrity, Schiff said he did not wish to name the Congressman and described the communication as “Lawmaker Text to Meadows.”  Of course, the name was leaked faster than Schiff could get to a camera.

Schiff showed a visual that was crafted to look like a complete message – including the text message’s iconic graphics.

Here is the version that was revealed and spun by Schiff:

“On January 6, 2021, Vice President Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, should call out all the electoral votes that he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all.”

There are three significant deceptions in what was provided by Schiff.  (1) That is not the complete text message.  The original message was much longer.  (2) It is not even the complete sentence.  The period was added by Schiff to make it appear complete (as were the phony graphics) – literally altering the meaning of the information (again).  And (3) The big whopper by Schiff is that the message was NOT authored by Jordan.  Let’s go over that again for emphasis.  The tweet that Schiff was attributing to Jordan was not the work of Jordan.  Hard to believe the level of Schiff’s corruption.

Maybe we should add a (4) because the text was not a recommendation from Jorgen, but a longer summation of a hypothetical briefing to White House Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows by attorney Joseph Schmitz that was passed on to Meadows on an FYI bases – most likely so the White House Chief-of-Staff could see how Schmitz had summarized the meeting.

In other words, Jordan was not in the meeting discussing the subject of the text message, never made such a recommendation as Schiff alleges and did not endorse the summary in any way.  Schiff’s entire claim, accusation and evidence is a compete fabricated lie. 

Sean Davis of The Federalist obtained a copy of the original and challenged the Select Committee on the accuracy of the Schiff altered message.  He received an email from the Committee spokesperson admitting the message was altered and saying, “The Select Committee is responsible for and regrets the error.”  They said the use of the period was an “inadvertent” mistake and merely an “error.”  But even that much of an apology – along with Schiff’s reputation for concocting propaganda lies –tells us all we need to know 

As is typical, once the truth was known, the major media dropped the issue without correction or retraction – piling journalistic malpractice on top of political malfeasance.

How much longer will we wait for Schiff to invent his next political whopper?  Probably not much.

So, there ‘tis.

  1. Anonymous says

    It’s a sorry state of affairs when there is no recourse to hold the idiot Schiff accountable for his unethical actions. If a Republican tried to do this, there would be hell to pay by every demorcrap in congress including the senile occupier of the white house.

  2. Robert Wilkerson says

    Shiff and Nadler as well as Clinton should all be tossed out of goverment forever. This is the true example of corruption in the Demorat party Pelosi so desporate to distroy what and how the true changes should be made to this goverment. Those well seated are now unable to tell truth from reality (in some cases just plain insane) my advise is seek treatment and quit now. Cliifornia is a very sick State many who live there are leaving because of that! The concern is those who stay what other idiots, thiefs and liers get rich will be relected. Time to end this action of letting fools be in office way longer than their mental capacity all goverment member should be limited to 4 years. Swamp mold needs not to keep growing while Americans stand helplessly by.

  3. Christina Schilpp says

    It’s flat-out amazing that this man has NO accountability on any and all lies he’s stated. WTH ppl? The depiction of Schiff on this editorial is spot on…His nose a foot long, and still growing. How do we rid outselves of this misinformation -making person? It shows that the Dems are mean, ugly evil ppl…and don’t care who knows it.It seems to give them a sense of entitlement to create and establish whatever narrative they desire.Truth or lie is irrevelant.This needs to stop. NOW!

  4. Larry Curtis says

    I hate to admit it but all 545 people running this country are only interested in keeping their job and spend half of their time asking for money and trying to get reelected. The founding fathers of this country would be ashamed of what this country has come too. Too much greed and not enough of doing the right thing for everyone.

  5. EstherDarlene Staggs says

    Schiff should be PROSECUTED AND JAILED!!!!!

  6. mke says


  7. vince olive says

    This guy is probably the most corrupt Congressman currently in office and he doesn’t mind publicizing it to the country. Now why does he do this? Does he think the entire country is stupid or is he so without morals that he thinks his crooked behavior is normal. Whatever the reason for this behavior is irrelevant and he must be stopped or removed from office!

  8. John says

    When will a hearing be held on the illegal and dishonorable actions of Adam Schiff? The democratic-led house has already banned committee assignments for Reps MTG and Biebert for “literally nothing” and Reps Schiff and Shwalier can do and say whatever they want with no repercussions—let’s at least have fair oversight!

  9. Donna says

    Surely somebody can bring charges against this evil creature!

  10. ERIN says

    This is exactly why I went from being a registered “demorat” to being a Conservative! After realizing during his first term that obama was just another typical Chicago thug and a dirty, corrupt sorry excuse for a human being, along with the rest of his staff, I had had it with “demorats” and switched sides!! That dried up old hag pelosi along with the disgustingly ugly, corrupt, lying sack of schiff, fat ass nadless nadler and cry baby schumer, should all be kicked out of office and sent straight to jail like they’ve been trying to do to President Trump for 6 years now!

  11. CC45 says

    I unless there’s accountability this country will become CUBA, VENEZUELA, CHINA, RUSSIA
    Starting with:
    Swalwell, Fan Fang
    Shumer, treats to Supreme Court
    Pelosi, getting rich with stocks
    Clinton, faking a Russian collusion
    Schift, lie, lie, lie 3 times
    Water, inciting aggression
    IM DONE………

  12. Disgusted in California says

    Total POS!!! Why is he allowed to get away with all this??? What a LIAR!!!!!!

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