School Hosts Drag Show Without Parental Permission


The teacher who organized a show where drag queens participated in a burlesque style dance performance is now on leave. The event took place at a Pennsylvania high school as part of a Gay Sexuality Alliance activity.

Libs of TikTok confirmed that parents were not notified about the event, and revealed that the teacher celebrated the event as a success.

These circumstances beg the question, can LGBT issues be discussed without being sexualized? Should there be more action taken for exposing minors to such explicit content? Here is the statement by the school district.

  1. Robert says

    We are not allowed to pray or to mention God’s name in public school, but this type of perversion is being taught to our youth every day, is it any wonder why our children are more excepting of this perversion and less excepting of the creator. Young minds are much easier to program than older mature minds. This is one way that the devil uses his satanists to corrupt our society. The communists also use the same techniques to corrupt American society.

  2. Frances says

    If God doesn’t intervine soon and the Republicans don;t win then we will be lost as America. Schools are just sess pools, teaching our children seuality and Communism! Why do our local taxes go to paying for the filth being taught? Children under the age of puberty do not need this kind of thoughts being pounderd into their heads. The states ought to step in and rescue the under puberty age of these peoples children. They are suppose to protect their children and our children in school. Instead they are blantely teaching them perverson.

  3. Gerry says

    On leave !!!!!! That poor excuse for an educator doesn’t need to be on leave –he/she needs to be in prison for attempted endangering, corrupting,indoctrinating our young. The school should be closed and ALL officials connected with the school indicted. I have seen a whole lot of disgusting things in my life but this may take the cake.

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