Secretary of State Pompeo: Wokeness and Censorship Leads to “Authoritarianism”


In an address to the government-funded broadcaster Voice of America on Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the radio network and the tendency on the left to veer towards censorship in some of his sharpest warnings about where this tendency can lead. The address was carried live by the network over the objections of some of the VOA staff, who urged network head Michael Pack to keep the “propaganda” off the airwaves.

In his comments, Pompeo said that VOA had strayed from its “founding mission” in recent administrations, instead leaning into programming that was “too often about demeaning America.” He also directly addressed the network’s #resistance-minded staff members, warning that they were embodying the worst aspects of a “dangerous” new trend on the left.

“Censorship, wokeness, political correctness, it all points in one direction – authoritarianism, cloaked as moral righteousness,” Pompeo said. “It’s similar to what we’re seeing at Twitter, and Facebook, and Apple, and on too many university campuses. This is not who we are, as Americans. It’s not what Voice of America should be. It’s time to put woke-ism to sleep.”


In his short tenure atop the radio network, Pack has done a lot of good in rolling back the unfortunate failures at Voice of America. Within a matter of months, Pack has ousted top officials at the U.S. Agency for Global Media (VOA’s parent organization) and replaced them with people who value patriotism and the exportation of American values. Naturally, this outraged woke government staffers; ultimately, a federal judge ordered Pack to stop making personnel changes at the network.

In his address, Pompeo said that criticism levied at Pack has got it completely backwards.

“We’re reorienting VOA back to its mission of truth and unbiased reporting,” he said. “The Trump Administration isn’t trying to politicize these institutions, we’re trying to de-politicize them.”

Unfortunately, those changes are likely to be short-lived. Joe Biden has already said that his team will look closely at the personnel changes that were made at VOA, and we’re sure the network will soon be back to being the international wing of National Public Radio – an interminable and intolerable voice for leftist propaganda and liberal causes. Since both of those are inevitably intertwined with criticism of conservatism, the history of the United States, and anyone who isn’t on board with the wildest progressive ideas available, Voice of America will soon be back to doing what it did best: Inspiring the world to hate our country.

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