Security Lapses Let Islamic Killer into America

While we’ve known for some time that the Obama administration is doing very little to destroy the Islamic State, the shootings in San Bernardino have made it clear that his presidency has overseen a weakening of our nation’s natural security system as well. There’s simply so excuse for the amount of intelligence our national security agencies missed in granting a fiancé visa to killer Tashfeen Malik.

According to new reports, U.S. law enforcement officials missed Malik’s jihadist social media postings despite a rigorous screening process when they were putting her through the visa process. According to officials, Malik was able to pass at least three background checks because no one bothered to see what kind of anti-American crap she was posting on the internet.

Immigration officials, according to the New York Times, don’t usually look at social media when putting an applicant through their security screenings. This, despite the fact that Pakistan shares very little information with our intelligence agencies, making traditional background checks useless.

The reason for this lax process is because security officials aren’t really looking for terrorists and criminals as much as they are looking for marriage fraud when it comes to these visas. That’s the excuse they’ve been using, anyway, and it makes for a poor one. This isn’t the first time we’ve ever heard of Islamic terrorism, after all. If this occurred in 1999, it would be one thing. For this to have happened in 2015, after all this country has been through, is completely inexcusable.

This was not a failure of our intelligence agencies; it was a failure of the laws and rules we have in place. It’s not individuals who need to be punished, it’s the system that needs to be changed and changed quickly. If that means going the Donald Trump route for a little while and banning all Muslims from entry, then that’s what it means.

But it probably doesn’t need to. What it requires is for us to return to a post- September 11th mindset and recognize that not everyone who comes to this country is doing so for benign reasons. And it should be incumbent upon our security officials to pay very close attention to people trying to get into America from the Middle East.

Why is it only now, though, that we’re realizing this?

That’s the disgusting part. It is looking more and more like Tashfeen Malik had no business being granted this visa. This is about a country that was simply not taking Islamic terrorism as seriously as it should have been. That’s on President Obama. He’s been trying so hard to be an inclusive, anti-Bush president, that he has put our nation in serious jeopardy. How many others are there out there like Malik? How many others sailed right through our security screenings because we aren’t even looking for extremism?

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