Segregation: The Left’s New Favorite Concept

Once upon a time, liberals could be counted on to oppose racial segregation as a matter of principle. Of course, that was a simpler age, when the left wasn’t so consumed by its own powerlust. Those days are far behind us now, unfortunately. Today’s liberal is more concerned with keeping racial tensions alive and well than he is with demolishing the barriers that keep us apart. And Fieldston Lower School in New York City is proof of this mission.

It is there, according to New York Magazine, that 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are divided weekly into groups according to race. For 45 minutes, these children talk amongst others “of their kind,” discussing “what it was like to be a member of that race.” The sessions are meant to help the kids explore how they are similar to one another, how they are different, and how their race is perceived by others outside the group. The ultimate goal, says the magazine, is to achieve “a cultural upheaval, one that would finally give students of color a sense of equal ownership in the community.”

Well, they always have a slick, academic way of putting it, but initiatives like this always come down to the same thing. These liberals – the real racists in our society – cannot afford to let the division of color in our country be washed away like so much chalk on the sidewalk. They derive the greater part of their power from exploiting racial tensions, and that can only happen when minorities identify first and foremost as a member of their race. They can’t have a generation of children suddenly going colorblind; that would spell doom for their political platform.

The Wound That Never Heals

They are fighting an uphill battle, these unscrupulous liberals. The outspoken, violent racism of decades past is no longer a major American problem, forcing the profiteers to get creative. They’ve invented terms like “microaggression” to describe words and actions that accidentally upset minorities, even when the aggressor meant nothing by them. They’ve invented “dog-whistle racism” so they can accuse Republicans of preaching hate. They’ve told us that words like “thug” are just ways for white people to say the N-word without inviting a scandal.

Liberals love to talk of America as a melting pot, but they don’t have a lot of use for the “melting” part. They have to be able to point across the fence and say, “You see that guy? He’s holding you down. You and everyone who looks like you.” That way, they can strip away any individual dreams and desires a young black man might have and replace them with racial animosity. They work this strategy with gays, women, and income, but in no other area are they as successful as they are with race. If they sense that people of color are losing that ancient grudge, they come out with another slavery movie to make sure white evil is not forgotten. They manufacture a controversy like Ferguson so they can keep the struggle alive. They tell young people to “shape the revolution,” as Michelle Obama said to Oberlin graduates this week.

There may always be a degree of racism in our society that we cannot eliminate. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to realize the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. and push for a colorblind society. By teaching kids that nothing is as important as their little tribe, liberals are making it very hard to do that. And they are laughing all the way to national dominance.

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