Sexual Abuser of 11-yr-Old Set Free in Chicago


In crime-ridden, Lori Lightfoot’s blue-run Chicago, a suspect who was caught and arrested for horrific sexual abuse of an 11-year-old child was released because of one of many of the city’s  “soft-on-crime” technicalities!

The family of the girl is understandably outraged after they were told that the man was not charged with the crime and was no longer under arrest.

The 11-year-old girl, whose identity is being protected, said she was dragged into an alley by a man while she was on her way home from school at about 3:30 p.m. She was on South Indiana Avenue on what’s known as a “Safe Passage” route where there’s supposed to be a trusted adult to protect children walking to and from school.

She was able to escape and described the man to police, who circulated a sketch of the suspect.

The sketch was spread widely in the neighborhood. It did not take long for an irate community to spot a man who fit the description of the suspect. They chased him down and held him for the police.

As they were holding the suspect, they called the family of the girl on FaceTime, and her mother got a screenshot of the suspect. It was shown to the girl, and she reportedly said that she “was sure it was the man who attacked her.”

“She started shaking real bad, started crying, saying: ‘That’s him! That’s him!’ We had to hold her, because she was shaking real bad, so I knew she knew what she was talking about,” said the girl’s grandmother to local station WBBM-TV.

“She said she’ll never forget that face, ever,” she added.

But that is where things went south. 

While meaning well, the Good Samaritans who sent the picture may have tainted the investigation.

The victim’s family says that police told them that photo identification isn’t the same as picking the suspect out of a lineup.

“The detective is working with the state’s attorney’s office and the family. We’re going to do whatever we can in order to build the case properly, but that’s obviously not a positive photo array,” said Chicago police Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan.

WBBM-TV legal analyst Irv Miller explained the problem to viewers.

“When a crime victim is shown one picture of an offender, that in and of itself is tainted. It’s called an ‘unreliable identification.’ At the very minimum, they should see multiple pictures, multiple people in a lineup,” he said.

Miller went on to say that the man could be charged later on after a better legal case against him is established by police, but for now, he was released.

The family and their supporters are pressuring officials to move faster to charge the man. They also want to know where the Safe Passage workers were when the girl needed them most.

“Where were they when my grandbaby needed them? Where were they?” asked the girl’s grandmother.

  1. Joey says

    What doesn’t America understand? It’s what Democrats do.. Pedophile Protection

  2. Dee says

    The people of Chicago need to get Lori Lightfoot out of office because she’s nothing but a lowlife, scumbag, communist corrupt Democrat. The sooner you people get her ass out of office the better Chicago will be. If you don’t vote Republican in Chicago, I don’t know what to tell you you will live like this for the rest of your life because Lori has the sheriffs department surrounding her and her family that you people are paying for.l obviously she doesn’t really care one bit about the people of Chicago! But you sure cares about herself. That’s a lowlife communist way.

  3. Charles Goines says

    Sooner or later we will all come to recognize people get the representatives who are like them. The key to solving our problems is segregation, not pretending new representatives will change anything. The voters in Chicago are the problem in Chicago!

  4. Leslie says

    Shit it’s no different than having Biden and Hunter still running around free…….

    Democrats like pedophiles!

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