Shameless: Paper Uses ISIS Propaganda to Push for Gun Control

The mainstream liberal media will ally with any pro-gun control argument they can find…even if it means using Islamic State propaganda to prove the Second Amendment is the One Great Flaw in the U.S. Constitution. Just look at a recent article in the Washington Post, which warned that ISIS terrorists were instructing American sympathizers to use gun shows and the internet to easily obtain deadly firearms.

“In the most recent issue of Rumiyah, its glossy multilingual propaganda magazine, the Islamic State encouraged recruits in the United States to take advantage of laws that allow people to buy firearms without having to present identification or submit to background checks,” wrote the Post in a May 5 feature story.

The paper went on to quote directly from the ISIS magazine:

“The acquisition of firearms can be very simple depending on one’s geographical location,” the piece read. “In most U.S. states, anything from a single-shot shotgun all the way up to a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle can be purchased at showrooms or through online sales — by way of private dealers — with no background checks, and without requiring either an ID or a gun license.”

“With approximately 5,000 gun shows taking place annually within the United States,” it added, “the acquisition of firearms becomes a very easy matter.”

A caption under a photo of what appeared to be a gun show read: “Gun conventions represent an easier means of arming oneself for an attack.”

It would be one thing for the Post to reproduce this propaganda as a prelude to telling its readers why such a strategy is doomed to fail; that would be within the purview of a responsible journalistic piece. But of course, that’s not what the paper did. Instead, it used the rest of the article to scare the reader into believing that ISIS has gotten the story just right – that any terrorist can just waltz into the nearest gun show, pick up a semi-automatic rifle, and immediately kill as many people as they like without submitting to so much as a simple background check.

By way of proving this argument, they note that, in recent years, two would-be terrorists were busted trying to do just that.

Careful, thoughtful readers may realize what that means.

The story went out of its way to prevent such readers from reaching that conclusion by ending on an ominous note:

“Terrorists can still today — and by the way ISIS knows it, they have been advertising it — buy guns online and at gun shows in the United States of America,” Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), then a candidate, said in a televised debate.

PolitiFact rated the claim “mostly true.”

Well, if ISIS, Sen. Hassan, PolitiFact, and the Washington Post all agree, that must be all there is to it. Otherwise, geez…you’d actually have to think for yourself.

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