Shocking Study Shows Criminals Don’t Buy Guns Legally

Anyone with even the faintest interest in the state of American gun control already knows that laws restricting firearms purchases are useless when it comes to preventing gun violence. But, as usual, it takes liberals a little longer to come around to a common sense understanding of any given subject. More often than not, they never get there at all. Still, studies like this one might help sway the undecided.

According to a new study conducted by the University of Chicago Crime Lab, criminals don’t get their guns from mainstream shops. The researchers interviewed 100 inmates at the Cook County Jail, asking them where they bought the firearms they used in their crimes. Only two out of those 100 said they purchased their firearms legally. The other 98? Were they taking advantage of some internet loophole? Were they exploiting the loose regulations on gun show sales?

Nope. 70 percent of those surveyed reported getting their guns from family members, other gangsters, and through other street connections. In other words, they acquired their guns through avenues that no gun control law will ever close to them. Sure, there have been attempts to crack down on family transfers, but how many Chicago gang members are going to be dissuaded by such a law? How many violent criminals of any stripe would be discouraged by that kind of gun control? Two out of 100? If you’re lucky.

One can imagine that this study is not going to find its way into the next round of propaganda from Moms Demand Action. These anti-gun groups have a remarkable penchant for ignoring studies that don’t conform to their agenda. They are also experts at twisting the numbers to suit their own purposes. Since most of their followers are Americans who don’t have the foggiest idea what’s really going on, they don’t have to try very hard. When everyone on your Facebook page is already convinced that GUNS ARE BAD, stoking the flames of outrage takes little effort.

Here’s what’s really sad about all this. Yes, it’s obviously a concern for anyone who supports the 2nd Amendment. Yes, it’s troubling for law-abiding gun owners who just want the government to stay out of their lives. But at the same time, it’s a colossal waste of time and money. We are pouring millions of dollars into the “gun control” war. That money could instead go to law enforcement departments and community development efforts that could make a real difference. It could go to strengthening the country’s mental health screening processes.

Instead, it’s going into an effort to create laws that are not only ineffective but completely irrelevant. Of course, if we ever actually managed to “cure” gun violence, a whole lot of liberals would be out of a job. We can’t have that, now can we?

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