Silly: College Holds Halloween Workshop to Ward Off Offensive Costumes


It’s that time of year again, where we get to sit back and watch liberals go completely off their rockers in an absurd attempt to take political correctness to new heights of insanity. No holiday brings out the worst in the left like Halloween, where dressing up in costume has suddenly become a perilous activity fraught with innumerable minefields of offensiveness. Between racism, cultural appropriation, and joke costumes that just AREN’T FUNNY, the left is only a couple of years away from declaring a full-scale ban on the holiday.

Isn’t it funny? Thirty years ago, it was Christian conservative parents who hated Halloween. My, how times have changed.

In any event, here’s a Halloween spectacle courtesy of The College Fix. Apparently, the University of Southern Indiana held a workshop last week called “Culture Not Costumes” in which students were presented with a video, four flyers, and an activity to help them understand how and why they should go about dressing up for Halloween in an inoffensive way.

From an insider’s account of the silliness:

The two videos about people dressing up in “inappropriate costumes” included one on people donning Japanese prostitute costumes and a second on Native Americans. The words “very disrespectful” came up, a lot.

The lecture … uh, presentation, continued with the handouts.

The first described cultural appropriation, defining it as “the taking of intellectual property, knowledge, and cultural expression from someone else’s culture without permission.”

It goes on to provide examples of what cultural appropriation looks like “when it comes to first nations.” Examples included: hipsters wearing headdresses, dressing up as “Pocahotties” and “sexy Indian Princesses.”

The second handout portrays a short yes/no flowchart questionnaire to determine if a costume culturally appropriates. If it does, you’re directed to “go back and start at the beginning” until you get it right.

Man, it’s really sad when you think about all those years – decades – in which Americans were just wildly dressing up in any way they wanted on Halloween while millions of minorities were suffering. Imagine all of the Japanese/Native Americans/Mexicans/Transgenders/Aztecs/Wiccans/etc. people who spent Oct. 31 after Oct. 31 wailing in private about the horribleness of it all, unable to speak out because of that enormous, impenetrable wall of white privilege!

Or…maybe none of that was actually happening? Maybe this is just another made-up thing for stupid college kids have invented to get upset about? Noooo, it couldn’t be! We’re sure it’s all very real and very important, because why else would we see this on campus after campus and all over the internet? If it’s as silly as it seems, that would mean we’re getting ready for a world where tomorrow’s leaders have no idea how to distinguish between a trivial issue and one that actually matters. And since that’s far more frightening than any Halloween costume, we’ll just force ourselves to believe this is very, very serious. It’s better that way.

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