Socialism Spat: Michael Moore Goes After Warren for “Malicious Lie”

The gender war between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren has shattered the once-peaceful alliance shared by young, socialist fans of both. While Sanders always enjoyed more “radical cred” with his supporters than Warren did with hers (did you know she used to be a REPUBLICAN? Yes, regrettable…), the battle between the two – until now – was relatively nonviolent.

All that changed this week when a story came out in CNN about a conversation the two had in 2017. It was then, according to both the story and Warren’s later confirmation, that Sanders told her that he didn’t believe a woman could be elected president. Within minutes, Sanders supporters had #DefundWarren trending on Twitter as they sought their money back for any donations they might have given to the Warren campaign. Sanders denied ever making the remark in a press statement, and he reiterated his innocence in the Democratic debate on Tuesday. This led Warren to accuse him, in a moment picked up by CNN’s hot mics, of calling her “a liar on national television.”

Fans are picking their sides, and among them is documentary propagandist Michael Moore. In his podcast this week, Moore said he was heartbroken after watching Warren tell a “malicious lie” about Sanders in an effort to win the nomination.

“Elizabeth & Bernie have appeared in my films. I love them both. Why Elizabeth chose to stick a knife in Bernie’s back is beyond me. At a time when job #1 is to remove Trump, how did this help?” Moore tweeted.

On his podcast, Moore lamented the “sad downfall of Elizabeth Warren.”

“Any of us who have known Bernie forever know automatically, we don’t even have to hear him denying it, that there’s no way he would say this because there’s no way he thinks that,” said Moore. “After almost 48 hours of this, and after watching the debate last night, I just felt like a knife in my heart. I’m not angry about this, I’m just really sad. These are two people that I know and love, and one of them decided to take the pin out of a hand grenade and throw it at this other good person.”

Moore turned his focus on Warren, outlining what he would say to her when and if he got the chance.

“Why are you doing this, so you can win?” he asked. “Well, I have news for you and anybody else running on the Democratic side. This isn’t about you winning. This isn’t about you gaining this office. This is about us. This is about removing Trump.”

Yeah well, at this rate you guys better hope Joe Biden has what it takes, because it looks like your two big socialist superstars are going to take each other down in flames. We’ll just be over here, munching on popcorn.

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