Socialist Declares Victory


A victorious candidate for the New York state Senate declared her Tuesday night primary win as a victory for socialism in a video that is going viral.

“I know we’re saving the speeches for a little later, but today we really prove that socialism wins and we are not going anywhere,” Kristen Gonzalez, who won the Democratic nomination for State Senate District 59, said. “ We are not going anywhere and we will not stop until we see a socialist slate across this city.”

Gonzalez led opponent Liz Crowley with 58.14% of the vote, according to the Board of Elections in the City of New York. Crowley had 32.51% of the vote, finishing ahead of three other candidates.

“Neighborhoods across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens resoundingly elected a 27-year-old socialist Latina to the New York state legislature,” Gonzalez said, according to “Tonight, we didn’t just prove that socialists can still win, but that our movement is undoubtedly growing.”

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Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed Gonzalez’s candidacy, as did the Democratic Socialists of America, reported.

“Democrats aren’t even hiding it anymore,” Republican National Committee spokeswoman Nicole Morales told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Claiming victory for socialism is a slap in the face to the hundreds of thousands of victims and survivors of socialism. Instead of embracing failed ideologies, Democrats should read a history book.”

Gonzalez did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Original Article: Democratic Primary Winner Declares Victory For ‘Socialism’ | The Daily Caller

  1. Deby says

    Socialism WINS???? In what universe? Oh, right NYC-Sorry your “win” is really not one-

  2. charles says

    I will have to say the Devil is sure making a good run at it in his last days on earth with his Legions of demons, proof humans cannot be that stupid

    1. Todd says

      This isn’t the devil’s doing. You must understand what is written, “The hearts of men are inherently evil”. What you are seeing is the true evil that exist in their own hearts. That is the part you must come to understand, which should truly frighten you!

  3. Brunswick says

    Hey another AOC Loser! How about she goes back to whatever shit hole she came from.

  4. Leslie says

    These idiots need to take a trip to a socialist country, actually talk to the people & observe the way they live. When they moved to America, what was their reason? What were they coming from & why did they leave?
    Keep America free!

  5. agile1 says

    What’s new about that – MOST, if not ALL libtards consider themselves ‘socialists’, whether they publicly admit to it or not. I do not believe one cannot name ONE program on the libtard agenda that is NOT driven by the definition of socialism. Then consider this – socialism is nothing more than communism LIGHT, if that.

  6. Dee Hoch says

    I had no idea who she is or was. No one managed to campaign for her nor did she even mentioned such a thing as this. I think she fooled everyone that she is a democratic socialist like Hitler!

  7. Dee Hochman says

    Tina Forte won the nomination over AOC. She is a republican and has many backers. AOC is going down.

  8. Carol says

    Hurrah for that wonderful winner who beat the strange and obviously sad AOC! What a poison pill she is! Everyone knows socialism is as close to communism as it gets, just a step a way! A woman on Fox News today gave a warning to everyone not to get caught in the wave of the Administration we have in power right now, it will kill us if we do! She had lived in it, there was no freedom there! I know of others, like four reporters who were going to Venezuela a few years ago to see if it was as bad as they were saying it was. It was worse and almost kissed the ground of the U.S. once they managed to get back! Apparently had to make a getaway from the police! If that’s what they want then why do they stay here, anyone of them can get out right now and leave our precious free country alone! No, they don’t want that. They’d rather eat our food get freebies off of us in the land of the free, while they break the laws at the same time they have fun! Irks me! Let’s not be stupid here, if you’re voting for Biden your voting against everything our WW veterans fought and died for! Hate to say, adults have turned into bad little children playing role models of cartoon and movie spin offs! Grrrrrr!

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